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    Người gửi: Phung Thi Hien
    Ngày gửi: 21h:41' 25-03-2011
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    NĂM HỌC 2010 – 2011
    Thời gian làm bài: 120 phút
    SECTION A: Phonetics ( 10 points)
    I. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.
    (5 points)
    1 -A. fine
    B. kind
    C. nine
    D. tin
    2 -A. slow
    B. go
    C. nobody
    D. do
    3 -A. amazing
    B. apartment
    C. address
    D. armchair
    4 -A. clothes
    B. watches
    C. benches
    D. classes
    5 -A. clock
    B. come
    C. class
    D. city
    II. Odd one out.( 5points)
    A. knee
    B. gray
    C. nose
    D. toe
    A. thirsty
    B. tired.
    C. hungry
    D. danger
    A. summer
    B. fall
    C. weather
    D. spring.
    A. apple
    B. . coffee
    C. milk
    D. tea
    A. painter
    B. flower
    C. driver
    D. farmer
    SECTION B: Grammar and vocabulary ( 35 points).
    I. Choose the correct answer, circling letter A,B,C, or D( 10 points )
    1. Look! That boy ___________trash on the street.
    A. leave B. leaves leaving D. is going to leave.
    2.Does he want________ his grandfather.
    A. visit B. visits C. visiting visit.
    3. There isn`t _________rice in the bowl
    A. a few B. a little C. much D. some.
    4. He _______ beef or chicken.
    A. never eats B. eats never C. is never eating never eating
    5. He _______ pick flowers
    A. should not B. shoulds not C. don`t should D. does`t should.
    6. He`s from Canada . He _______English.
    A. speak B. speaks C. is speaking D. is going to speak.
    7. She _______ much money.
    A. need B. needn`t C. don`t need D. doesn`t need
    8.Don`t _________flowers.
    A. pick B. picks C. picking D. to pick.
    9. This week, he.________ by bus.
    A. travel B. travels C. traveling traveling.
    10______going to the museum?
    A. Let`s B. Why don`t C. What about D. Do you want
    II. Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets (10 points)
    1. My sister _______ (not be) in her room at the moment. She________ (cook) in the kitchen.
    2. What she_______ (do)? - He is going to visit Ho Chi Minh city.
    3. Would you like______ (have) breakfast with eggs, children?
    4. Let’s ______ (meet) at 7 o’clock in front of the park.
    5. My mother ______( brush) her teeth every night.
    6. your mother ______ (go) to school by bus every day?
    7. Don’t talk so loudly, please! My son_______(sleep) in the next room.
    8. We_______(not go) on Sunday.
    9. They _____( wait) for me at the corner now.
    10. The Sun (rise)_____ in the East.

    III. Give the correct form of the words in capital in brackets.(10 points)
    1.The animals are in_____ (danger).
    2. The Mekong River is _______ river in Viet Nam . ( long )
    3. These flowers are _________than these trees ( beautiful)
    4. He is a________ of English at a high school.(teach).
    5. It`s an interesting_______ (play).

    6. She likes_____ sweets.(eat).
    7. Lan is the______ girl in her class.(beauty)
    8. We don’t like going in his car as he is a________ driver(care).
    9. We need two _______ for cooking the lunch ( knife).
    10.My parents are______.(farm)

    IV. Fill in the blank with one preposition.( 5points)
    1. She does her homework.________ the evening (in / on / at / to)
    2. There are many big trees _________my school.( next/ behind/ in/ on )
    3. My apartment is_______ the fifth floor .(at/ from/ on / to)
    4. _______

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