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    Người gửi: Trần Minh Hiền
    Ngày gửi: 18h:04' 07-01-2012
    Dung lượng: 34.0 KB
    Số lượt tải: 945
    Số lượt thích: 0 người
    Peter has been working for 10 hours. He _______ be very tired now.
    A. needn`t B. must C. has to D. should
    He is unreliable. What he says _______ be believed.
    A. cannot B. must not C. may not D. might not
    I _______ find my own way there. You _______ wait for me.
    A. should / can`t B. have to / must C. can / needn`t D. might / mustn`t
    I was reading the book last night before I went to bed. I never took it out of this room. It ____ be lying around here somewhere. Where ___ it be?
    A. might / needn`t B. can / should C. shouldn`t / may D. must / can
    When you have a small child in the house, you _______ leave small objects lying around. Such objects _______ be swallowed, causing serious injury or even death.
    A. should / must B. should not / might C. needn`t / may D. mustn`t / can`t
    Frank`s wallet is lying on the coffee table. He _______ it here last night.
    A. must have left B. should have left C. must be leaving D. needn`t leave
    Jenny`s engagement ring was precious! It _______ have cost a fortune.
    A. must B. should C. can D. needn`t
    You _______ take your umbrella along with you today. It _______ rain later on this afternoon.
    A. ought to / mustn`t B. needn`t / will C. will / must D. should / might
    I _______ be at the meeting by 10:00. I will probably _______ take a taxi if I want to be on time.
    A. must/ have to B. may / must C. should / needn`t D. mustn`t / shouldn`t
    You _______ forget to pay the rent tomorrow. The landlord is very strict about paying on time.
    A. needn`t B. mustn`t C. do not have to D. may not
    The television isn`t working. It _______ during the move.
    A. should have been damaged B. needn`t be damaged
    C. must have been damaged D. ought not be damaged
    I am not deaf. You _______ shout.
    A. must B. mustn`t C. need D. needn’t
    John failed again. He _______ harder.
    A. must have tried B. should have tried C. can tried D. may have tried
    _______ I borrow your lighter for a minute? - Sure, no problem. Actually, you _______ keep it if you want to.
    A. May / can B. Must / might C. Will / should D. Might / needn’t
    I do not mind at all. You _______ apologize.
    A. shouldn`t B. needn`t C. mustn`t D. oughtn`t to
    Ted`s flight from Amsterdam took more than 11 hours. He _______ exhausted after such a long flight now.
    A. must be B. must be being C. must have been D. should have been
    The lamp _______ be broken. Maybe the light bulb just burned out.
    A. should not B. might not C. must not D. will not
    It is a top secret. You _______ tell anyone about it.
    A. mustn`t B. needn`t C. mightn`t D. won`t
    We have plenty of time for doing the work. We _______ be hurried.
    A. needn`t B. shouldn`t C. mustn`t D. mayn`t
    You _______ touch that switch, whatever you do.
    A. mustn`t B. needn`t C. won`t D. wouldn`t
    Susan ___ hear the speaker because the crowd was cheering so loudly.
    A. mustn`t B. couldn`t C. can`t D. needn`t
    You _______ be rich to be a success. Some of the most successful people I know haven`t got a penny to their name.
    A. needn`t B. couldn`t C. mayn`t D. mustn`t
    A: Oh no! I completely forgot we were supposed to pick Jenny up at the airport this morning.
    B: She _______ there waiting for us
    A. needn`t sit B. might still sit C. must still be sitting D. should have sat

    Jane often wears beautiful new clothes. She _______ be very rich.
    A. must B. could C. might D. needn’t
    John is not at home. He _____ go somewhere with Daisy. I am not sure.
    A. might B. will C. must D. should
    _______ I have
    need correcting to correct.
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