giao an anh van lop 3

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Người gửi: Dong Thi Thu Huong
Ngày gửi: 21h:26' 19-02-2013
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Week 1

Prepairing date:4/ 9/ 2011
teaching date:6/ 9/ 2011

period:1 Review Lesson
_ Help students to know English Alphabet.
_ Practicing:reading, speaking, listening and writing.
_ word: twenty six English Alphabets.
_ Teaching aids: text book.
1.Warm - up.
T introduces about English book and then T teaches some words or some questions.
1,who is mornitor? 2,who is absence today?
3,who is on the duty? 4,what is the date today?
2. Presentation.
T teaches dates of week
T writes date, month, year.
Monday,september 7th 2011.
_Ask ss to repeat some times and call some ss remark.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
_Ask ss to repeat some times
_ss read again 1minute and call some ss read
_T corrects their pronuciation.
_Call ss talk about Vietnamese Alphabets.T gives English Alphabet.
a/ei /,b/bi/, c/si/, d/dgi/, e /i /, f /ef /, g /di /, h /eit/, i/ai/, j /djei/, k /kei/,l /el/,m /em/, n/ en/, o /ou/, p /pi/,q /kj u/,r /a:/, s /es/, t /ti/, u /ju/, v /vi/,w /dablju/, x /esk/, y /wai/, z /zed/.
Ask ss to repeat sometimes and ask the whole class to repeat.
Call some ss read again.
Ask ss to remark and T corrects their pronunciatoin.
T ask ss to learn by heart English Alphabet.
T clean the board.
4. production.
T guides ss to read names some one
Eg: Hoa -> eit ou ei.
Lan -> el ei en.
call some ss read their names.
T corrects.
5. Home work.
- learn works and English Alphabet.
- Be ready Unit 1 section A 1,2,3 on page 10.
* Experience:

Prepairing date:6/9/ 2011
teaching date:8/ 9/ 2011

Unit 1 Hello
period:2 section a 1,2,3 ( on page 10,11 )
- Help ss to know about greeting.
- Skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.
- Vocabualary: Hello, Hi, I am.
- Teaching aids: text book, picture.
II. Content



3. practice


5. homework

* experience





- T calls some ss to read again English Alphabet
And write them on the board.
- call ss remark and T corrects, T gives marks to them.
- Ask ss to look at the picture and discuss.
- ss talk name: Mai, Nam,LiLi and Alan
- T explains and reads the first times.
- ss find Newwords.
Hello = Hi :
I am + name:
-T asks ss to repeat some times and call ss read again .
- T corrects their pronunciation.
- Ask the whole class to read some times.
- Ask ss to read in pair (3’)
- call some pairs do and T correts.
- Ask ss to look at the part 2.
- ss to talk about 4 ss in the pictures.
( who are they? Where are they from? What are they doing?).
- ss read aloud “Hi, I`m Alan” some times
- call ss read again.
- Ask ss to do (1’)
- call some ss do and T corrects.
-Ask ss to work in group (4 people ) role play.
- call some groups do and T corrects.
- Ss speak and introduce their names in pair with
“ Hi, Hello”
- call some pairs do and T corrects
- Ask ss to do exercise 1 on page 6
- T guides them do and call a student goes to the board do.
- ss remark and T gives mark.
- Learn newwords and strucure by heart