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Nguồn: Thầy Lê Tấn Tài
Người gửi: Giáo viên Tiếng Anh
Ngày gửi: 00h:46' 30-10-2014
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Số lượt tải: 631
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Choose the best option to complete each of the following sentences.
According to the weather ________, it will be raining tonight.
A. forecast B. forecaster C. forecasted D. forecasting
Thuy’s grandma turned the television ________to see the weather forecast.
A. off B. up C. on D. down
I hope my friends won’t laugh ________me.
A. on B. for C. against D. at
A tropical storm which reaches 120 kilometers per hour is called a ________in North and South America.
A. typhoon B. hurricane C. cyclone D. tornado
The tsunami ________in December 2004 in South East Asia killed more than 160.000 people.
A. disaster B. disastrous C. disatrously D. disastering
The roof ________under the weight of snow last night.
A. collapse B. collapsing C. collapsed D. collapses
Pompeii was completely ________in AD 79 by an eruption of Mount Vesuvius.
A. to destroy B. destroy C. destroyed D. destroying
In 1995, a huge earthquake ________the city of Kobe in Japan.
A. strike B. struck C. striking D. striked
We ________ each other since we left school.
A. don’t meet B. didn’t meet C. won’t meet D. haven’t met
Yesterday, a typhoon ________a coastal city in the country.
A. strike B. hit C. predicted D. collapsed
People can know when a volcano will ________, won’t they?
A. break B. warn C. erupt D. suck
Mount Pinatubo, ________is a vocalno in the Philippines erupted in 1991.
A. which B. who C. whom D. whose
Tornadoes or funel-shaped storms can suck up anything ________is in their path.
A. who B. whom C. that D. whose
Neil Armstrong, ________ was the first person to step onto the moon, lived in the USA.
A. which B. whom C. who D. whose
In Australia, a tropical storm is called ________.
A. typhoon B. hurricane C. cyclone D. tornado
In Asia, a tropical storm is called ________.
A. typhoon B. hurricane C. cyclone D. tornado
Ninety percent of ________occur around the Pacific Rim.
A. earthquakes B. typhoons C. volcanoes D. tornadoes
A funel-shaped storm passing overland below a thunderstorm is called a ________.
A. typhoon B. tsunami C. tornado D. hurricane
The city ________was struck by a huge earthquake in 1995 is Japan is Kobe.
A. which B. who C. whom D. whose
The explorer ________discovered America is Christopher Columbus.
A. which B. who C. whom D. whose
Give a correct preposition to each gap.
Scientists had warned them ________the eruption.
Hue will have temperatures ________230C and 270C.
I am preparing for a picnic ________my friends tomorrow.
I hope my friends won’t laugh ________me.
Please bring some raincoats just ________case.
I can’t hear. Please turn the volumn ________, will you?
Daddy, it’s the weather forecast ________TV.
Tornadoes can suck ________anything that is in their path.
Give the correct form of the words in brackets.
According to the weather forecast, it will be ________________tomorrow. (sun)
A ________________storm hit the city last night. (tropic)
The vocalno is one of the largest ________________in the world. (erupt)
A ________________wave can only occur in that case. (tide)
The most ____________earthquake in Japanese history damaged Tokyo and Yokohama. (disaster)
________________have warned the local people of the disaster. (science)
Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
Tom suggested ________________to a nearby restaurant. (go)
What about ________________by bus? (travel)
But I like ________________them, dear. (watch)
If we pollute the water, we ________________no fresh water to use. (have)
We haven’t met each other since we ________________ school. (leave)
Trang ________________the first prize in the english speaking contest. (just win)
Rice ________________in tropical countries. (grow)
This exercise must ________________carefully. (do)
Combine the two sentences by using a suitable relative clause.
I bought a new typewriter. It cost me a lot of money.
Tom is one of my closest friends. He is

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