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    ĐỀ THI THỬ THQG 2015 - 108

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    Người gửi: Đỗ Văn Bình (trang riêng)
    Ngày gửi: 19h:58' 13-04-2015
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    Choose one option A, B, C or D corresponding to the whose main stress is on the syllable in the position which is different Iron that of the others. Identify your choice by circling letter A, B, C or D on the answer sheet.
    Question 1.
    A. Canadian
    B. vegetarian
    C. pedestrian
    D. incredible
    Question 2.
    A. edible
    B. classify
    C. terrify
    D. solidify
    Question 3.
    A. associate
    B. operate
    C. integrate
    D. recognize
    Question 4.
    A. ambitious
    B. dangerous
    C. mysterious
    D. expensive
    Question 5.
    A. secretary
    B. necessary
    C. classify
    D. vocabulary
    These are incomplete sentences. Choose A, B, C or D as your best choice to complete each sentence and then identify your answer by circling letter A, B, C or D on the answer sheet.
    Question 6.The lower _______ is in a room, the more slowly our eyes focus.
    A. the level of lighting B. light level C. leveling of light D. lighting is level
    Question 7.The wind-rippled sand at California`s Kelso Dunes resembles_______ .
    A. to be an ocean floor B. as an ocean floor C. an ocean floor D. being an ocean floor
    Question 8.Living organisms contain more water_______ substance.
    A. than do any other B. does than any other C. other than do they any D. than any other
    Question 9. Columbia University`s School of Public Health is a handful of schools of public health in the United States.
    A. one that B. the one C. one of D. one
    Question 10. More than anything, what saved Jamestown was the highly successful cultivation of tobacco, ________ Indian assistance with farming undoubtedly played a major part as well
    A. although B. in spite of C. nor D. neither
    Question 11. According to legend, coffee beans______ in the town of Kaffa.
    A. first discovered B. were first discovered C. discovered first D. have first discovered
    Question 12.Martin Luther King Jr, after his father`s assassination, __________ the mission of his father to fight for the rights of blacks in America and achieved some notable success in the 1970s.
    A. continued B. continuing C. and continues D. is continuing
    Question 13. In the symphony orchestra, bass drums are not _________ kettle drums.
    A. as prevalent B. that prevalent C. so prevalent as D. prevalent than
    Question 14. Narcissus bulbs _________ at least three inches apart and covered with about four inches of well drained soil.
    A. should be planted B. to plant C. must planting D. should plant
    Question 15. Total color blindness, __________ ,is the result of a defect in the retina.
    A. a rare condition that B. a rare condition C. that a rare condition D. is a rare condition
    Question 16. In the fourteenth century, ______ that glass coated with silver nitrate would turn yellow when fired in an oven.
    A. the discovery B. it was discovered C. with the discovery D. if it was discovered
    Question 17. _____ electric eels send a series of blips of electricity into the water around them and they can detect the pattern of electricity of the water changes.
    A. All of B. Every C. All D. Of each
    Question 18. ________ an ownership of nearly 60 to 62 per cent of corporate equities, this mean 1-2 per cent of American society possesses about 43 per cent of the total wealth the nation.
    A. The range of B. Ranging C. Ranging from D. The range
    Question 19. Earthquakes can damage a tree ________ violently, and it can take several years for the tree to heal.
    A. to cause shaking B. when shaking it causes C. by causing it to shake D. to cause to shake it
    Question 20. _______ classified as a carnivore, the North American Grizzly bear eats berries and even grass.
    A. Just as B. Because of C. Although D. Either
    Question 21.The sea horse uses___________ to cling to the seaweed and other plants.
    A. it has a tail B. a tail with which it C. its tail D. as its tail
    Question 22.The human skin
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