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    Nhắn tin cho tác giả
    (Tài liệu chưa được thẩm định)
    Nguồn: HSG ANH 9 2017
    Người gửi: Nguyễn Giang
    Ngày gửi: 20h:19' 20-01-2017
    Dung lượng: 173.5 KB
    Số lượt tải: 471
    Số lượt thích: 2 người (banh kim tu, Than Van Huy)

    NĂM HỌC 2016 - 2017
    Môn thi: Tiếng Anh 9
    Ngày thi: 19 tháng 01 năm 2017
    Thời gian làm bài 150 phút, không kể thời gian giao đề
    Thân gửi các bạn! Hiện tại mình vừa biên tập được bộ tài liệu luyện nghe dành cho học sinh từ cấp độ A1- A2 – B1- B2. Giúp các bạn làm nguồn tài liệu dạy thêm, dạy bồi dưỡng HSG. Nếu các bạn có nhu cầu xin vui lòng liên hệ với mình
    ĐT: 0963 226 296. Mail:
    Chúc các thầy cô ôn luyện đạt kết quả cao nhé!

    LƯU Ý:
    - Đề thi gồm 05 trang, thí sinh làm bài trực tiếp vào đề thi.
    - Thí sinh không được sử dụng bất cứ tài liệu nào kể cả từ điển.
    I. ( Listening
    Part 1. You will hear a conversation twice.
    For questions 1-5, put a tick next to the right answer. (5 pts)
    1. In addition to paper books, what did the little girl make with paper at school? A. an animal B. a person C. a building
    2. What thing did she NOT talk about when making the object in Question 1? A. paper B. glue C. scissors
    3. What did the girl do after school? A. She rode her bicycle. B. She watched television. C. She went to the store.
    4. Who did she meet and play with at the junior high school? A. her teacher B. her cousins C. her father
    5. Where does this conversation most probably take place? A. at a house B. at school C. at a park

    Part 2. You will hear a tour guide talking about a day trip.
    Listen and complete questions 6 -10. You will hear the information twice. (5 pts)
    Coach leaves:
    9.15 a.m
    Arrives Chester:
    Morning visit:
    Price of family ticket:
    (3) £
    Lunch in:
    Afternoon visit:
    Part 3. Listen to Patrick talking to his mother about a photo of his old school friends. What is each person wearing? For questions 11-15, write a letter A-H next to each person. You will hear the conversation twice. (5 pts)
    Example: 0 Peter ___D___
    Their clothes
    1. Martin
    A. coat
    2. Joanna
    B. dress
    3. Amy
    C. hat
    4. James
    D. jacket
    5. Robert
    E. jeans
    F. shirt
    G. sweater
    H. trousers

    II. Choose one word whose stress pattern is different from the others by circling A, B, C or D. (5 pts)
    1. A. perform B. campus C. mountain D. equal
    2. A. distinguish B. appliance C. opinion D. politics
    3. A. cover B. although C. freedom D. ancient
    4. A. experience B. encourage C. mystery D. convenient
    5. A. efficiency B. communicate C. territory D. environment
    III. Choose the best answer to complete the sentences by circling A, B, C or D. (10 pts)
    1. - “Would you like to have noodles, spaghetti or something different?” - “______.”
    A. Anything will do B. Yes, please C. Never mind D. I don’t mind
    2. If I ______ be somebody else, I ______ to be a film star.
    A. could / would B. can / would like C. could / would like D. can / like
    3. Opposite our house there is a large park, ______ there are beautiful trees and flowers.
    A. where B. in that C. which D. that
    4. We have done a lot of work on tenses lately and we now ______ most of the rules.
    A. were understanding B. are understanding
    C. understand D. will understand
    5. – “Your hairstyle looks terrific, John!” - “ ______.”
    A. I’m glad you like it B. I don’t know
    C. No, you are wrong D. Excuse me
    6. We delayed our departure ______ the weather condition.
    A. in spite of B. on account of C. instead of D. on behalf of
    7. During the rush hour the traffic ______ in the city centre is terrible.
    A. condensation B. accumulation C. concentration D. congestion
    8. If a bomb goes off, it ______.
    A. fails B. explodes C. strikes D. misses its objects
    9. Mike is not feeling well so we gave him ______ to do than you.
    A. fewer B. little work C. less work D. least works
    10. Our friends won a big prize when he took part in the ______ on TV last week.
    A. game show B. news C. music program D. weather forecast
    IV. Rearrange these following sentences to make a complete conversation. (5 pts)
    A. And we shouldn’t cut many trees or burn too much coal or gas. We should recycle things, save power and water.
    B. Yes, you’re right.
    C. I see. So now we keep the paper in our bag.
    D. Look! There’s a lot of waste paper on the floor.
    E. What should we do to prevent pollution now?
    F. That’s good. Do you know anything about pollution?
    G. Yes, I do. Pollution is very harmful to our Earth.
    H. Let’s pick up and put it into the trash can.
    I. That’s a good idea.
    J. Why don’t we recycle it? We can save a lot of it and we don’t pollute the environment.
    Your answers: 1. _______ 2. _______ 3. _______ 4. _______ 5. ________
    6. _______ 7. _______ 8. _______ 9. _______ 10. _______
    V. Fill in each blank with a suitable preposition. (5 pts)
    1. I asked him to put ________ the lights if he was the last to leave the room.
    2. The village has changed a lot thanks ________ the knowledge the children brought home.
    3. The boys got ________ the garden by climbing ________ the fence.
    4. I turned ________ the job because it was badly paid.
    5. My grandparents live ________ 34 Hai Ba Trung Road, in a flat ________ the top floor.
    6. What do you buy these eggs ________?
    7. Look after the baby while I am ________.
    8. She wanted to know what aspect ________ learning English I found most difficult.
    VI. Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the words in capital letters. (5 pts)
    1. Life is more _________now. ( comfort)
    2. There are many cultural_________between his country and mine. ( differ )
    3. It is_________to eat much sugar and fat. ( health )
    4. These medicines can work well with your _________ ( ill )
    5. There was no_________for his absence from class yesterday. ( explain)
    6.Is he sleeping ? - No, he is still_________ ( wake )
    7. Every week, there are two_________from Ha Noi to Ho Chi Minh city. ( fly )
    8. They had an_________Christmas vacation. ( enjoy )
    9. He is a well- known_________ ( photograph)
    10.We`re having a good time here. People on the island are very_________ (hospitality)

    VII. Give the correct tense or form of the verbs in brackets to complete the following sentences. (5 pts)
    1. Don’t be surprised when you see how thin Matin is. He (be) extremely ill.
    1. _______________
    2. The ideas (present) in this book are not really interesting.
    2. _______________
    3. Scarcely she (leave) the office when they arrived.
    3. _______________
    4. Should you agree to help us with the housework, we (finish) everything on Saturday.
    4. _______________
    5. - “I left a cookie on the table but now it’s gone. What happened to it?”
    - “I don’t know. One of the children (eat) it.”
    5. _______________
    6. Compost (make) from vegetable matter is considered a wonderful natural fertilizer.

    7.Three thieves robbed the museum last night. Five paintings ( steal).
    8.I didn`t know how to get to your house so I stopped ( ask ) the way.
    9.Jone is washing his hands. He just ( repair) his bike.
    10. Tom doesn`t enjoy ( laugh ) at by other people.
    VIII. Each of the following sentences contains ONE error. Underline and correct it. (5 pts)
    1. It has been suggested that he saves money for his study tour abroad.
    ( _____________________
    2. The next important question we have to decide is when do we have to submit the proposal.
    ( _____________________
    3. Although she smoked, drank and never took exercise, but she lived to be 100.
    ( _____________________
    4. The receptionist said me that the hotel had been fully booked.
    ( _____________________
    5. A lunch of soup and sandwiches do not make me interested.
    ( _____________________
    IX. Fill in each numbered space with ONE appropriate word. (10 pts)
    Another strong earthquake shook Bac Tra My District in Quang Nam Province at 1.34 p.m on Thursday, September 27th, 2012. Over 200 houses faced cracks (1) ______ the quake. Financial aid (2) ______ provided to families whose houses faced cracks. (3) ______ the earthquake was strong, it was still milder than the 4.1 magnitude quake on September 23rd.
    On Thursday, a delegation from the Central Committee for Flood and Storm Prevention and Control was sent (4) ______ survey the earthquake belt in Bac Tra My District. The delegation (5) ______ houses and schools in the area affected by the quakes, inspected the Song Tranh 2 Hydropower Plant and met with authorities in Bac Tra My District.
    Frequently recurring earthquakes spread panic among people in Bac Tra My District, many of (6) ______ are from ethnic minority groups living in resettlement areas around Song Tranh 2 Hydropower Plant. Several households abandoned (7) ______ homes and set up temporary camps elsewhere in fear.
    A press conference was (8) ______ on September 28th at the People’s Committee office in Quang Nam Province to reassure the (9) ______ on the safety of the Song Tranh 2 Hydropower Plant.
    The district authorities have now organized three courses to raise awareness and knowledge of (10) ______ best to cope with earthquakes.
    Your answers: 1. ________ 2. ________ 3. ________ 4. ________ 5. _________
    6. ________ 7. ________ 8. ________ 9. ________ 10. ________
    X. Read the passage below and then choose the correct answer A, B, C or D. (10 pts)
    From (1) ______ times people have celebrated the end of winter and the new l

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