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Người gửi: Nguyễn Hữu Bình
Ngày gửi: 20h:02' 19-04-2017
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I. Fill the missing words
1. My mother often gets __ early in the morning.
2. This is the story ab ___ my uncle Minh.
3. There are ____ people in my family my parents, my brother and me.
4. The painting __ the wall is very nice.
5. Jim`s children ___ watching TV and playing in the living room.
6. Somtimes I go out ____ my friends.
7. My brother is a factory ______ . He works in a factory.
8. Why do you want to __ to the bookshop?
9. Mr Lam and Mrs Hoa are doctors. They work in a ________ .
10. I am hungry. Let`s go to the f ___ stall.
II. Circle the odd one out.
1. a. left
b. right
c. turn
d. between

2. a. mother
b. brother
c. sister
d. teacher

3. a. car park
b. bus stop
c. bike
c. train station

4. a. ate
b. went
c. watched
d. listened

5. a. volleyball
b. football
c. baseball
d. badminton

III. Choose the best answers
1. The teacher is …….. a story to the class. a. telling b. to tell c. tells
2. There …..any books on the table yesterday a. was b. weren`t c. are
3. Linda is reading a letter ……… her pen friend. a. from b. of c. to
4. My sister is a ……… at a general hospital. a. engineer b. nurse c. worker
5……… does your cousin do? - He`s a student. a. Where b. When c. What
6. The students often travel to school ……. bike. a. by b. in c. with
IV. Matching

1. What`s the weather like in spring?
a. she is going to draw her dream house.

2. When do they go swimming?
b. She has a flu

3. How often do you go to the cinema?
c. It`s usually warm but wet.

4. What is Lan going to do next month?
d. in summer.

5. What is the matter with your sister?
e. I go to the cinema once a month.

V. Rearrange these words
1. music / did / to / listen / you / last night / ?
2. at / I / home / stayed / yesterday.
3. wants / a / Phong / footballer / to / be .
4. by / go / to / they / usually / school / bus.
VI. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others
1. A. station B. cinema C. place D. late
2. A. left B. zebra C. next D. wet
3. A. near B. hear C. ear D. ahead
4. A. excuse B. must C. sun D. number
5. A. evening B. desk C. welcome D. next
6. A. live B. music C. listen D. decide
VII. Read the passage then answer the questions
Hi. My name is Minh. Last year I visited my friend. He lives in a small town, about 30 kilometres far from my house. The town is near a beautiful river. It’s about 20 metres wide and we went swimming in the river every day.
1. Who did Minh visit last year?
2. How far is it from Minh’s house to the town?
3. How wide is the river?
4. Is the river beautiful?
VIII. Odd one out
1. A. wide B. long C. high D. kilometre
2. A. season B. summer C. winter D. spring.
3. A. tennis B. football C. music D. badminton.
4. A. sing B. learn C. train D. play
5. A.headache B. earache C. toothache D. food
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