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    ĐỀ TIẾNG ANH HK II LỚP 5, WORD CÓ FILE NGHE GIỌNG ANH (Cần file nghe, gửi email cho mì nhé)

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    Người gửi: Hoàng Thị Thu
    Ngày gửi: 16h:03' 21-04-2017
    Dung lượng: 554.1 KB
    Số lượt tải: 2313
    Số lượt thích: 2 người (Trần Lan Anh, An Van Huong)
    School .....................
    Full name: ………………………………
    Class: ………………………….…
    Listening exam for Semester 2
    Grade 5 - 2016-2017
    Time: 20 minutes ( page 1)



    PART 1: LISTENING ( 20 minutes)

    Question 1: Listen and tick


    Question 2. Listen and number. (1 pt)


    Question 3: Listen and circle the correct answer
    1. - Where’s the bus stop?
    - Go straight ahead. It’s at the end of the street and next to the ___________
    A. theatre B. market C. stadium D. pharmacy
    2. - How does she get to Ho Chi Minh city?
    - By _______ because she doesn’t have much time.
    A. coach B. plane C. train D. bus
    3. – How many bananas does she eat every day?
    - She eat _____________.
    A. three B. two C. four D. one
    4. What would Tony like to eat and drink?
    - He’d like to eat a bar of _________ and drink a glass of _____________
    A. candy – lemonade B. chocolate – lemonade
    C. chocolate – water D. candy – orange juice

    Question 4.Listen and tick True or False (1pt).
    True False
    1. I visited PhuQuocisland yesterday. I think that it’s
    really beautiful with nice beach and scenery.
    2. The weather will be cool and cold tomorrow.
    3. I’d like to get to Sa pa by coach.
    4. David would like to be an astronaut in the future.

    Question 5. Listen and complete the blanks. (1pt)
    Good evening and welcome to the (1)………………program. Let’s take a look at the weather for tomorrow and Sunday. Tomorrow it will be cold and (2)…………….in Ha Noi. It will be cool and (3)……………in Hue. It will be hot and(4)………………… in Ho Chi Minh city. So, if you have any plans to visit Ha Noi, don’t forget to bring a jacket. In case you will visit Ho Chi Minh city, bring with yourself a hat or an umbrella to avoid harmful sunshine there.
    PART 2: READING AND WRITING( 20 minutes)

    Question 1: Read and complete (1pt)
    dreams architect nurse writer
    My name is Peter. In my free time, I often go out to see nice designs of houses and building, because I would like to be a (1)………………….. in the future. My friends Mary and Linda like different things. Mary reads book in the library in all her free time. She would like to be a (2)……………… because she wants to write interesting and funny stories for children. Linda would like to be a (3)……………………. to look after patients and poor people in the mountains. We hope that our (4)………………. will come true one day.
    Question 2: Match
    0. What’s your name?
    1. Where were you last week, Linda?
    2. What do you do in summer?
    3. What are you doing with the stove?
    4. Tony’s grandma has a backache
    0- a
    1-. . . .
    2-. . . .
    3-. . . .
    4-. . . .
    a. My name’s Linda.
    b. I often go swimming.
    c. I am cooking cabbage for dinner
    d. She shouldn’t carry heavy things.
    e. I was in Ho Chi Minh city.
    Question 3:Read and tick (() T (True) or F (False)
    My name is Tom. Every day I usually get up early and do exercises in the morning. Then I have a big breakfast with different food likebread, sausages, meat, fish, eggs, chocolate, vegetables, fruit, milk and so on. In a week I often have one sausage, two eggs and a lot of vegetables. I don’t eat too much chocolate bars and sweets because they have a lot of fat and sugar. To be healthy, I like to eat more rice, bread, vegetables and fruits.

    0. His name is Tom.

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