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    Ngày gửi: 22h:14' 13-07-2017
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    I. Complete the sentences with the present simple affirmative form of the verbs below.
    love live go study watch play listen do
    1. My friends _______ to school by bus.
    2. My dad _______ football on television every Saturday.
    3. My mum _______ The Simpsons!
    4. I _______ to music after school every day.
    5. Jenny _______ medicine in Oxford.
    6. Pete _______ his homework in the afternoon.
    7. Suzie and John _______ in a flat in Liverpool.
    8. He _______ volleyball with his friends on Friday.
    Mark: ___ /8
    II. Use the present simple affirmative or negative form of the verbs in brackets.
    1. I don’t go to school by bus. I _______ (walk).
    2. My brother _______ (listen) to rock music. He hates it.
    3. Our neighbour _______ (work) in my school. He makes the school lunches.
    4. My cousin lives in France and he _______ (speak) French.
    5. I _______ (like) that TV programme. I think it’s scary.
    6. My aunt _______ (teach) at our school. She is a good teacher.
    Mark: ___ /6
    III. Write the questions.
    1. (Where/ Sara/ live) _____________________________? In a flat, in the town centre.
    2. (How/ you/ come/ to school) _____________________________? I get the school bus every day.
    3. (you/ like/ rap music) _____________________________? No, I don`t. I prefer rock.
    4. (When/ Mike/ play football) _____________________________? On Fridays.
    5. (What/ your parents/ do/ at weekends) __________________________? They often go out for a meal.
    6. (Who/ Amy/ see/ on holiday) ______________________________? Her family and friends.
    Mark: ___ /6
    IV. Complete the sentences. Choose from the words below.
    grandson husband uncle daughter cousin nephew son aunt granddaughter niece
     1. My mother’s sister is my _______.
    2. My father’s brother is my _______.
    3. My father is my mother’s _______.
    4. My sister is my mother’s ________.
    5. My brother’s son is my ________.
    6. My brother is my grandfather’s _________.
    7. My sister is my uncle`s ________.
    8. My uncle`s son is my ________.
    Mark: ___ /8
    V. Complete the sentences. Make words with the letters in brackets.
    1. What`s the ____________ of Holland`s name? (uneqe)
    2. There are only two main political __________ in our country. (satrepi)
    3. In France, they have ___________ every five years. (sneelicot)
    4. Many people are not happy with the new ____________. (trenenvmog)
    5. My uncle says that he doesn’t agree with the marriage _______ in our country. (wasl)
    6. An MP is a Member of ______________. (traPalinem)
    Mark: ___ /6
    VI. Complete the dialogue with the sentences below.
    Ana: Hi, I`m Ana.
    Tom: 1________________, Ana. 2_____________________
    Ana: 4C. And you?
    Tom: I`m in 4F. 3__________________________
    Ana: I`m from Ireland. I`m here with my sister. She`s in 10A.
    Tom: 4________________________
    Ana: She`s 17. She finishes school next year.
    Tom: So you`re new here?
    Ana: That`s right! 5__________________________
    Tom: Well, now you know me! 6_____________________
    Ana: Yes, I do. Let`s go – that`s the bell!
    A. Where are you from?
    B. Nice to meet you
    C. How old is she?
    D. Do you have a lesson now?
    E. What class are you in?
    F. I don`t know anybody!

    Mark: ___ /6
    VII. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in brackets and the correct pronoun.
    1. Do you _________ (KNOW) my nephew? _________ is a famous TV actor!
    2. My parents don’t _________ (EAT) Japanese food, but I love _________.
    3. I think Amish life is _________ (INTEREST), but a lot of people think _________ is boring.
    4. ‘How _________ (DO) your niece travel to school?’ ‘I take _________ to school in my car.’
    5. A lot of the buildings in my town are very _________ (FASHION). But I don’t like _________, because I prefer modern houses.
    Mark: ___ /10
    VIII. Listen to the conversation between Hayley and Ben. Write the correct name in the blanks.
    1. _______ is in class 6F.
    2. _______ is from Sweden.
    3. _______ has a sister in the school.
    4. _______ has
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