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    English 9: Exercises for Unit 1 with key

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    Nguồn: tôi làm key.
    Người gửi: Bùi Thị Phượng
    Ngày gửi: 13h:32' 27-08-2017
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    BàitậptiếngAnhlớp 9
    TEST 1:
    I. Choose A, B, C or D to complete the following sentence:
    1. She likes to wear...........jean cloth.
    A. fadding                    B. fadded                    C. fading                  D. faded
    2. In the 18th century, Jean cloth was made..........from cotton.
    A. complete              B. completely                   C. completive           D. completion
    3. I don`t like to wear.....................and............Jeans.
    A. painted/embroidering                      B painted/ embroidered
    C. panting/ embroidered                          D. painting/ embroidering
    4. They have just................ A new style of Jeans in the USA.
    A. introduce                            B. to introduce
    C. introducing                        D. introduced
    5. Some designers have.........the Aodai by printing lines of poetry on it.
    A. modern                             B. modernized
    C. modernize                         D. modernizing
    6. She the theatre by The Greens.
    A. is often take                         B. is often took
    C. is often taken                        D. is often taking
    7. My car ...........yesterday.
    A. has been repaired                                B. can be repaired
    C. is repaired                                           D. was repaired
    8................your year?
    A. Will/ be built                            B. Was/ rebuilt
    C. Is/ rebuilt                                 D. Has/ been rebuilt
    9. Can this car....................?
    A. repair                  B. repaired               C. repairing                 D. be repaired
    10. Must this test.......on time?
    A. be finishing         B. finish                    . C be finished                 D. be finish
    11. Water can`
    A. be found                  B. be finding              C. be find                    D. be finded
    12. He used school by his mother.
    A. take                                B. be take                 C. taking                  D. be taken
    II. Choose A, B, C or D to complete the passage.
    I believe that it is (1) wear uniforms when students are at school. Firstly, (2)..............encourage the children to take pride in being students of the school they are going to (3)...............they are wearing uniforms with labels bearing their school`s name.
    Secondly, wearing uniforms helps students feel (4) many ways. They all start(5)................the same place no matter they are rich or poor. They are really friends to one another (6) school roof.
    Last but not least, it is (7) wear uniforms. It doesn`t take you time to think what to wear everyday.
    In conclusion, all students, from primary to high school should (8)............uniforms.
    1. A. importance                B. unimportance               C. important           D. unimportant
    2. A. uniforms                    B. clothes                         C. shirts                     D. blouses
    3. A. so                            B. because                          C. and                       D. but
    4. A. happy                      B. lucky                             C. equal                 D. interesting
    5. A. in                             B. on                                C. at                           D. from
    6. A. at                            B. in                                   C. on                           D. under
    7. A. exciting                  B. practical                         C. terrible                    D. fashionable
    8. A. wear                        B. wearing                       C. to wear                      D. wore
    III. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D that is the same meaning with the italic sentence:
    1. They use cars and trucks to carry food to market.
    A. Cars and trucks are used to carrying food to market.
    B. Cars and trucks are used to carry food to market.
    C. Cars and trucks are use to carrying food to market.
    D. Cars and trucks are used to carried food to market.
    2. We will meet him at the station.
    A. He will be met at that station.
    B. He will meet at that station.
    C. He will be meet at that station.
    D. He will be meeted at that station.
    3. how long have they done their work?
    A. How long have their work been done?
    B. How long has their work be done?
    C. How long has their work been done?
    D. How long has their work done?
    4. No one could help him.
    A. He could be helped by no one.
    B. He couldn`t be helped by no one.
    C. He couldn`t helped.
    D. He couldn`t be helped.
    5. The gate is painted once a year.
    A. They paint the gate once a year.
    B. They painted the gate once a year.
    C. They are painting the gate once a year.
    D. They will paint the gate once a year.
    TEST 2:
    I. Rewrite sentences, using "I wish..........."
    1. I don`t know many English words.
    I wish I knew many E words.
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