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    Ngày gửi: 10h:08' 09-09-2017
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    I. Choose the correct verb to complete the phrases.
    1. When Ellie was younger she couldn`t/ wasn`t able to stand onions.
    2. Which of you could/ was able to guess who the criminal was?
    3. Grace could/ was able to help me on several occasions.
    4. Could you/ Did you manage to contact Helen last night?
    5. Some dogs can/ are able to be fed on almost anything.
    6. We couldn’t/ didn`t manage to breathe because of the smoke.
    7. You can`t/ aren`t able to get good potatoes any more,
    8. Do you think you are able to/ can come tomorrow?
    9. Jim could/ was able to play football better than any of us.
    10. Are they able to/ Can they be expected to win on Saturday?Mark ______/10
    II. Write relative clauses using the words in the brackets. Use which, that or no relative pronoun as appropriate.
    1. The beach nearest the hotel, _________________, (be, about a mile long) was deserted.
    2. The finger ______________________ (Molly, break) last month is OK now.
    3. The cards ______________________ (Joe, deal, me) were a load of rubbish!
    4. The coat I tried on, ______________________, (be, not very expensive) looked really smart.
    5. I discovered the shoes ____________ (be, the prettiest) were quite expensive.Mark ______/5
    III. Complete the sentence with participle forms, using the words in brackets.
    1. There is a charge for _______________ (not return) books to the library on time.
    2. Passengers _______________ (cross the rails) do so at their own risk.
    3. Children _______________ (leave, in the play area) must be collected before 6 o`clock.
    4. The chips ________________ (serve, with the meal) were superb.
    5. Drivers ________________ (park, on double lines) will be given a parking ticket. Mark ______/5
    IV. Complete the text with appropriate words (to make compounds and collocations).
    The world is currently facing many environmental issues, one of which is 1______________ change, believed to be due largely to overproduction of 2______________ gases. These originate from a variety of sources, such as vehicle 3___________ ___________, other CO2 4______________and 5______________gasfrom landfill and industry. Other environmental issues are coal 6______________ and burning coal, and production of toxic waste that can 7______________the atmosphere and the oceans. Some countries with 8 ____________ power also face a problem of disposing of radioactive waste. Placing more turbines on 9______________ farms and using 10______________ power from flowing water would certainly be one solution to some of these issues.Mark ______/10
    V. Complete each sentence with a prefixed word with the same meaning as the phrase in brackets.
    1. My uncle is an _______________. (used to be a fireman)
    2. Children can ______________ when they are tired. (behave badly)
    3. Our family used to live in a _______________ house before we bought the cottage. (half attached)
    4. I wouldn`t mind having an _______________ job if I really loved it. (not paid enough)
    5. Jenny is good at _______________. She can do the cooking, clean and talk on the phone at the same time. (doing many tasks at the same time)Mark _____/5
    VI. Choose the correct words to complete the sentences.
    1. Would you like a lump/ bit/ flakeof cake with your coffee?
    2. The damage/ harm/ injury to property caused by the hurricane was immense.
    3. Scientists have repeatedly found meteoricparticles/ fragments/ specksin the Sahara desert.
    4. Many soldiers were harmed/ damaged/ wounded in the Second World War.
    5. He bit off a large lump/ chunk/ speck of apple.Mark _____/5

    Use of English
    VII. Complete the sentences with one word in each space.
    1. I’m sorry, but we won’t be________ to come this evening because Pete is doing________ time at work. He has to stay in the office until nine.
    2. Shale________ is found in places________ there is a lot of organic material.
    3. Because of the________ of wild animals by hunters in many parts of Africa, elephant populations face________ and are in danger of disappearing altogether.
    4. Jill________ herself when she fell over in the________ -storey car park. She twisted her ankle.
    5. These days, space exploration is________ funded. Because of this lack of money, we haven’t been able to explore galaxies beyond our________ system and travel into deep space. Mark _____/10
    VIII. Read the following text and decide whether the statements are true (T) or false (F).
    Wind energy: yes or no?
    Recent political debates and press articles have outlined the positives and negatives of onshore and

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