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    Người gửi: Đỗ Văn Bình (trang riêng)
    Ngày gửi: 10h:17' 09-09-2017
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    I. Choose the correct word to complete the sentences.
    1. "You failed your exam through being lazy."
    → If you wouldn`t have/ hadn`t been lazy you`d have passed your exam.
    2. "We wouldn`t have minded your leaving early."
    → Youmight/ could have left early as far as we were concerned.
    3. "In your place I think I’d have acted differently."
    → I shouldn`t/ mightn`t have done that if I`d been in your position.
    4. "It was wrong that he spoke to us that way."
    → He couldn`t/ needn`t have spoken to us like that.
    5. "The Romans had to win that battle to be sure of winning the war."
    → If the Romans had lost that battle they wouldn’t/ might have lost the war.
    6. "He wasn`t very fit, but he couldn`t have won the match anyway."
    → Evenif he`d been fitter he wouldn`t/ shouldn`t have won the match.
    7. "With a better candidate they would have had a better chance in the election."
    → They might have won the election if they had chosen / chose a better candidate.
    8. "You offered unnecessarily to pay for the meal."
    → You needn`t have offered / hadn`t to offer to pay for the meal.
    9. "I came to this lecture mainly because of your suggestion that I do so."
    → I needn`t / mightn`t have come to this lecture if you hadn`t suggested it.
    10. "We were ready to babysit but you didn`t ask us to."
    → We would have been / should have been happy to babysit if you`d mentioned it.
    Mark ____/10
    II. Choose the best verb for each sentence, using each of them only once.
    mightn`t should couldn`t would could
    1. Judy ____________ have said so sooner if she wanted to go on the trip.
    2. Bell’s performance was poor – he ____________ have beaten Harris even if he was fit.
    3. Chris ____________ have sprained his ankle if he weren’t overweight.
    4. The floor was so clean we ____________ have eaten our lunch off it.
    5. They ____________ all have loved to help if they could.Mark ____/5
    III. Using the words in brackets, form conditional clauses with a comparative.
    1. I`m off to the party now. If George ___________ (tell, me, soon), I`d have been there already!
    2. My parents ______________ (not be, cross) now if I`d admitted what I`d done.
    3. Your handwriting _______________ (be, clear) if you`d use a proper pen.
    4. The car ______________ (start, well) if you bought a new battery.
    5. If ______________ (telephone, early), your order would be ready.Mark _____/5
    IV. Choose the correct answers.
    1. It was really disloyal/ considerate/ cowardly of her to tell everyone about his illness when he asked her to keep it a secret.
    2. I don`t want to be over-sensitive/ eager/ pushy, but do you think you could finish the project by Friday?
    3. Ian is always giving up his free time to help others. He is so eager/ altruistic/ heroic.
    4. I`m sure he didn`t mean to be rude. He can be eager/ thoughtless/ spiteful at times.
    5. She was erratic/ hysterical/ ruthless when they told her that her boyfriend had had a climbing accident.
    6. His girlfriend is so spiteful/ foolish/ pretentious. She`s always doing something to hurt him.
    7. Deceitful/ Pushy/ Reckless people often lose friends when people see through their constant lies.
    8. It would be really short-sighted/ disloyal/ thoughtless of you to leave your job. You have to think of the long-term future.
    9. Alfred is not a heroic/ considerate/ cunning enough liar to deceive Bridget.
    10. Stop being so over-sensitive/ foolish/ clumsy! That`s the third time you`ve knocked something over today.Mark ____/10
    V. Complete the text with the correct forms of the words in brackets.
    Driving through 1 __________ (mountain) terrain in a vehicle without winter tyres can be hazardous at certain times of the year when there is a danger of snow storms. Summer tyres are not as 2 __________ (respond) in snowy conditions as winter tyres, and are highly 3 ___________ (appropriate) during the period of November to February, as numerous routes are not 4 __________ (access) and even attempting to drive on such roads is 5 __________ (point).Mark ____/5
    VI. Complete the sentences with appropriate words.
    1. She took her neighbor to c___________ for taking her car without her permission.
    2. There`s a lot of t___________ between the headmistress and her deputy.
    3. They had to make an insurance c___________ after the accident.
    4. My new boss
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