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    Người gửi: Đỗ Văn Bình (trang riêng)
    Ngày gửi: 10h:20' 09-09-2017
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    I. Complete the text with the correct form of going to.
    Dear Sean,
    How are things with you? (you/ come) 1___________ cycling with us this weekend? (We/ meet) 2__________ on Saturday morning at 8.30. (We/ not have) 3_____________ breakfast first, because we want to leave the town as soon as possible. Tom says (he/ wait) 4______________ for us at the bus stop opposite the farm. (We/ not arrive) 5____________ back in town before five in the afternoon, just so you know! Please call or email me to confirm if (you/ come) 6____________.
    See you! Martin Mark: ___ /6
    II. Complete the dialogue with the correct form of will.
    A. (you / go) 1________________ straight to university after high school?
    B. No, I don`t think so. I think (I / take) 2______________ a year off and get some work experience. (it / not be) 3________________ difficult to find a job!
    A. Why not?
    B. Because I`ve got friends in the tourist industry, and (they / help) 4________________ me!
    A. So what kind of work (you / do) 5_________________?
    B. (I / not know) 6___________________ that until I ask them! Mark: ___ /6
    III. Put the words in the correct order to make questions.
    1. going / he / study / what / is / to _______________________________?
    2. leave / will / time / they / what _______________________________?
    3. to / going / you / where / live / are _______________________________?
    4. by / she / bus / come / will _______________________________?
    5. to / they / help / going / are _______________________________?
    6. will / class / do / you / what / after _______________________________?
    7. is / with / to / she / live / who / going _______________________________?
    8. boyfriend / think / what / your / will _______________________________? Mark: ___ / 8
    IV. Complete the sentences with the correct job.
    1. A s_________ works in the army.
    2. A h_________ cuts people`s hair.
    3. A j________ works in a newspaper office.
    4. An a________ draws plans for buildings.
    5. A p_____ works in houses and repairs water problems.
    6. A n_______ works in hospitals and helps sick people
    7. A p________ writes video games, for example.
    Mark: __ /7
    V.Complete sentences with the words below.
    earn experience gap lessons team training voluntary
    1. John wants to do ___________ work during the summer holidays.
    2. Vicky is taking Spanish ___________ with her friends at the weekend.
    3. I work in a café on Fridays because I want to get some work ___________.
    4. Are you going to take a / an ___________ year when you finish school?
    5. I`m going to do a / an ___________ course in photography in June.
    6. We won`t ___________ much money in this job, but we`ll learn a lot of new skills!
    7. Emma`s going to lead a / an ___________ of volunteers in Peru next summer! Mark: ___ /7
    VI. Complete the dialogue.
    A: Hello. Mitchell`s Garage. How can I help you?
    B: I`d like to 1________ to Mr Mitchell, please.
    A: I`m 2__________, but Mr Mitchell is in a meeting at the 3__________.
    B: Can I 4_________ a message?
    A: Yes, of course. B: Could you ask him to 5_________me back?
    A: Could I 6_________ your name, please? B: Trent d`Arcy. Mark: ___ /6
    VII. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in brackets.
    1. I worked on a _________ (CONSERVE) project to protect the Amazon rainforest in my summer holiday. Now I want to be a _________ (SCIENCE) and work to protect the environment.
    2. After school, I want to go to drama college, so that I can become an _________ (ACT), but my parents say that I _________ (MAKE) much money in that kind of job.
    3. You don’t usually need many _________ (QUALIFIY) to become a __________ (FARM), but you do need a lot of experience, so most people in this job come from a farming family.
    4. I _________ (STUDY) law at university, because I want to be a human rights _________ (LAW) after I get my degree.
    5. ‘None of the lights are working in the office.’ ‘OK, I _________ (CALL) an _________ (ELECTRIC) and ask them to come and
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