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    Ngày gửi: 09h:21' 12-09-2017
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    Listen and correct answer a, b or c. (1 point)
    The man and woman decide to ____________ .
    A. walk B. wait C. get a taxi
    The women ____________ Deborah.
    A. knows B. hasn’t met C. wouldn’t like to meet
    Is the woman afraid of mice?
    A. yes B. no C. we don’t know
    Where does the man decide to go?
    A. home B. to the coffee C. to the movie
    What pet does the woman think he should buy?
    A. a fish B. a cat C. a hamster

    Listen and mark the sentences T or F (1 point)
    Dave got married five years ago.
    His wife just had a baby.
    His wife doesn’t give him much attention.
    Dave is more tired than his wife.
    The advice he gets is to help his wife more.
    Choose the word with different stress (1 point)
    A. relationship B. control C. curfew D. experienced
    A. follow B. viewpoint C. footstep D. belief
    A. evidence B. disapproval C. benefit D. elegant
    A. compare B. childcare C. current D. confident
    A. society B. communication C. experience D. accept
    Choose the best correct answer (4 points)
    Have your parents ever complained about your ___________.
    A. footsteps B. generation gap C. hairstyle D. schoolchildren
    Why are ___________ not good for your health?
    A. clothes B. friends C. soft drinks D. junkfood
    My parents forbid me ___________lies.
    A. tell B. telling C. told D. to tell
    My parents and I like the same music, so there aren’t always any___________.
    A. conflicts B. generation gap C. curfews D. relationships
    You are going to go to the concert, so you ___________ to wear your new jeans.
    A. have to B. should C. must D. ought
    He can’t play computer games on Monday because he ___________ have classes.
    A. mustn’t B. shouldn’t C. have to D. has to
    I ___________ come back home before 9 p.m. It’s my curfew.
    A. have to B. should C. ought to D. must
    23. It’s a secret. You ___ let anyone know about it.
    A. mustn’t B. needn’t C. mightn’t D. may not
    24. _______ is the convention that constitutes polite behaviour when consuming food.
    A. Fast food B. Table manner C. Attitude D. Politeness
    25. If you just live with your parents and your siblings, you live in a _____.
    A. big family B. small family C. extended family D. nuclear family
    26. Many parents try to ___________ certain career on their children.
    A. make B. want C. let D. impose
    27. A: Do you think it will rain? ~ B: _____
    A. I don’t hope. B. I don’t hope so. C. I hope not. D. It’s hopeless.
    28. Where is John? – He’s the guy in the _______car at the corner.
    A. elegant B. flashy C. attractive D. tasteless
    29. A(n)________ is a person’s opinion about a subject.
    A. viewpoint B. feeling C. taste D. expectation
    30. ________is essential differences among different generations.
    A. Objection B. Belief C. Generation gap D. Communication
    31. A: “Congratulations! You’ve done a good job.”
    B: “_____________”
    A. I’m glad you like it. B. Your compliment is encouraging.
    C. You’re welcome. D. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that
    32. You aren’t allowed to take photographs here.
    A. You needn’t take photographs here. B. You can’t take photographs here.
    C. You don’t have to take photographs here. D. You mustn’t take photographs here.
    33. My car keys are possibly in the kitchen.
    A. My car keys should be put in the kitchen.
    B. My car keys cannot be put in the kitchen.
    C. I do not know whether my car keys are in the kitchen
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