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    Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of three (0,75 points).
    1. A. sees B. sports C. pools D. trains
    2. A. adressed B. supported C. suggested D. demanded
    3. A. laughed B. washed C. helped D. weighed

    Listen to a passage about and choose the best answer to complete each sentence below by circling the letter A, B, or C (1.25 point)
    4.  Adam went to bed late because_________.
    A. he didn’t feel tired   B. his son felt sick   C. he was fixing his computer  
    5.  At ten to eight, _________.
    A. Adam got up  B. Adam left home   C. Adam’s alarm clock went off   
    6.  In the morning, Adam didn’t have time to_________.
    A. wash   B. have breakfast   C. buy petrol 
    7.  Adam borrowed money to buy_________.
    A. a bus ticket   B. lunch   C. petrol 
    8.  This evening, Adam will_________
    A. relax and watch TV B. be very busy   C. spend time with his family  

    Choose the best answer to complete each sentence below by circling the letter A, B, or C (3 points).
    9. There are various causes of ____________ in less economically developed countries.
    A. urban B. urbanized C. urbanisation D. urbanizing
    10. I ___________this film last Sunday and I like it very much.
    A. watched B. was watching C.were watching D. watch
    11. Urbanisation has provided ___________opportunities, higher incomes and better access to health facilities and education.
    A. work B. job C. employed D. labour
    12. He has the _________ face and skin of an old farmer. A. overload B. fast-growing C. weather-beaten D. thought-provoking
    13. It is difficult for young people to find ________ jobs in rural areas.
    A. year-round B. well-paid C. worldwide D. supporting
    14. Bethoveen is known as one of the most _________musicians in the world.
    A. talented B. respectful C. up-to-date D. generous
    15. She has travelled to ________London three times this year.
    A. a B. an C. x D. the
    16. They ________dinner when we got there last night.
    A. had B. was having C. were having D. were have
    17. She ________hard when I__________ back yesterday morning.
    A. worked/was getting B. was working/got
    C. was working/was getting D. worked/got
    18. My brother is ____________worker. He works in a factory in _______Hai Phong.
    A. a/x B. a/an B. an/the D. the/x
    19. My parents insisted that my sister ________to our home village after graduation.
    A. return B. returns B. returned D. will return
    20. They were watching TV when I _________home. A. arrived B. arriving B. was arriving D. were arriving
    Part 1: Read the passage then choose the best answer A, B, C or D to fill in the gaps (1,25 point).
    When Michelle Yeoh was a girl, she dreamed of being a dancer. Later on, she became a beauty queen. But she isn’t famous for these things. She is famous for her amazing work in movies as an actress ans stunt performer. Yeoh was born in Malaysia. As a young girl, she enjoyed sports, especially swimming. She liked music and art, too, but she loved dance the most. As a teenager, she went to England to study dance. While studying dance, she injured her back. That’s when she started studying acting instead.
    After Yeoh went back home, she participated in a beauty contest. She won and became Miss Malaysia. Soon after that, she went to Hongkong to become an actress. While she worked in the movies, she watched the stunt actors. She decided that she wanted to do stunts, too. She spent hours every day at the gym. She learnt how to punch
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