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    Đ.A và Đề K.Tra Anh 10 lần 1 kỳ I (2012-2013) Tr Nguyễn Trãi

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    Người gửi: Giang Lương Hùng (trang riêng)
    Ngày gửi: 12h:25' 13-09-2012
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    Part I: Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the rest in each group (mark A, B, C or D). Mark your choice on the answer sheet. (1.25points).
    1. A. many B. hat C. cat D. sad
    2. A. plays B. sprays C. play D. says
    3. A. little B. interest C. time D. click
    4. A. watched B. wanted C. decided D. needed
    5. A. washes B. tomatoes C. goes D. learns

    Part II: Choose from the four options given (mark A, B, C or D) one best answer to complete each sentence. Mark your choice on the answer sheet.(3.5 points).
    6. The train at 10 o’clock tomorrow.
    A. leave B. leaves C. will leave D. is going to leave
    7. He_____ in this town since he was born.
    A. lives B. lived C. is living D. has lived
    8. I’m bored _____ watching the advertisements on T.V.
    A. with B. on C. of D. in
    9. I _____ a new house last year, but I _____ my old one yet.
    A. buy/ sell B. bought/ sell
    C. haven’t bought/ sold D. bought/ haven’t sold
    10. The coffee _____ by the time I got up this morning.
    A. was already made B. has already been made
    C. had already been made D. would have already made
    11. He _________ go to school yesterday because he was sick.
    A. didn’t B. wasn’t C. don’t D. doesn’t
    12. Everyone likes him, ?
    A.doesn’t he B. doesn’t she C. don’t they D. don’t you
    13. Christmas, the weather has been quite good.
    A.From B. Since C. On D. For
    14. Nam is interested in English.
    A. learning B. to learn C. learn D. learned
    15. Most people enjoy to different parts of the world.
    A.travelling B. to travel C. travelled D. travel
    16. There _____ never _____ such excitement before.
    A. has/ been B. have / been C. will / been D. is / been
    17. I _____ David James for two weeks.
    A. has seen B. saw C. see D. have not seen
    18. The baby _____ wonderfully up to now.
    A. behaves B. is behaving C. has behaved D. behaved
    19. I`ve been in this city for a long time. I _________ here sixteen years ago.
    A. come B. am coming C. came D. have come

    Part III: Read the passage then complete it by marking the corresponding letter A, B, C, or D. Mark your choice on the answer sheet. (1.25 points).
    The country and the city have advantages and disadvantages. People in the country live in more beautiful (20) _____. They enjoy peace and quiet, and their neighbors are more (21) _____ and ready to help them when they need it. However, their life can be tiresome and they can be isolated.
    The city has all the services the country lacks, but it also has a lot of (22) _____. Cities are often ugly and (23) _____. They not only have bad air but are also noisy. Everyone is always in haste and this means that people have no time to know each other and (24) _____ friends.
    20. A. surroundings B. view C. sightseeing D. scenery
    21. A. friend B. friendly C. friendship D. friends
    22. A. disadvantage B. benefits C. advantages D. disadvantages
    23. A. polluted B. pollutant C. pollution D. polluting
    24. A. make B. making C. having D. has

    Part IV: Read the passage then choose the best answer for the following questions by marking the corresponding letter: A, B, C
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