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    Người gửi: Đỗ Thị Thu Hồng
    Ngày gửi: 21h:17' 17-10-2012
    Dung lượng: 103.5 KB
    Số lượt tải: 713
    Số lượt thích: 1 người (Nguyễn Thị Thiện)

    Finish each of the following sentences so that it means the same as the printed one.
    1.Under no circumstances should you phone the police. (The last thing you could do is to call the police.)
    2.Sam didn’t celebrate until he received the prize. (It was not until Sam received the prize that hecelebrated.)
    3.Nobody expected her to lose, but she did. ( Against everybody’s expectation, she lost)
    4.You’ll learn the basic rules. Then you’ll find it easy to play. (One you have learnt the basic rules,you’ll find it easy to play.)
    5.If nothing unfortunate happens, I’ll see you next week. (All being well, I’ll see you next week.)
    6.The government have been reviewing their education policies recently. (The government’seducation policies have been under review recently.
    7.When the policeman appeared at the door. I was pretty taken aback. (Imagine my surprise/astonishment when a policeman appeared at the door.)
    8.My protests were ignored. (Nobody took notice of my protests.)
    9.It’s what people eat that betrays their social background, not their table manners. (What gives people’s social background away is what they eat, not their table manners.)
    10.The chances are a hundred to one against you. (It’s most difficult for you to get the chances)
    11.Giving fair warning, I could have avoided that date. (If you could tell me in advance, I could haveavoided that date.)
    12.I would do anything for you. ( There’s nothing I would not do for you)
    13.Ann’s mother gave her a gold watch. (What Ann’s mother gave her was a gold watch)
    14.It’s only when you’re ill that you start to appreciate good health. (It isn’t until you are ill that youstart to appreciate good health.)
    15.No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t open the door. (Try as hard as I might, I could not open thedoor.)
    16.The last time I go to that restaurant. (I certainly won’t go to that restaurant again)
    17.The rail workers do not intend to call off their strike. (The rail workers have no intention of callingoff their strike.)
    18.I dislike it when people criticize me unfairly. (I object to people criticizing me unfairly.)
    19.The heavy rain made it impossible for us to have our picnic. (We were not able to have our picnic because of the heavy rain.)
    20.He was sorry he hadn’t said goodbye to her at the airport. (He regretted not saying goodbye to her at the airport.)
    21.Mosquitoes cause malaria and this is well known. (That mosquitoes cause malaria is well-known)
    22.Her husband died. When she heard the news she fainted. (On hearing the news of her hushand’sdeath she fainted)
    23.Jerry’s salary as an accountant is two thousand dollars a month. (Jerry makes 2,000 dollars amonth.)
    24.I only recognized him when he came into the light. (Not until he came into the light did I recognizehim.)?
    25.The value of sterling has fallen considerably in the past week. (There has been a considerable fallin the value of sterling in the past week.)
    26.He refused to help, which surprised us. (His refusal to help surprised us.)
    27.It is said that there is plenty of oil off our own coast. (There is said to be plenty of oil off our owncoast.)
    28.Can we trust her? (Is she trustworthy?)
    29.Driving fast is dangerous whether you are an experienced driver or not? (However experiencedyou are, driving fast is dangerous.)

    30.I don’t want to go to that party last night. (I don’t feel like going to that party last night.)
    31.We’ll always remember these days together at our meeting in the future. (Whenever we meet againin the future, we’ll always remember these days.)
    32.The police are advising vigilance, as there have been more robberies lately. (Due to the recentincrease robberies, the police are advising vigilance.)
    33. Next year’s turnover and profits can’t be forecast. (It’s impossible to forecast next year’s turnover and profits.)
    34.Nobody helped me to build this. (I built this on my own.)
    35.The realisation that I had made a big mistake came later. (Only later did I realise that I had made a big mistake.)
    36.No one stands a chance of beating Mansell in this year’s championship. ( It’s a foregoneconclusion that Mansell will win this year’s championship.)
    37.Her success went beyond her expectation. (Never had she expected that she was so successful.)
    38.If we wait long, we’ll get what we want. (It’s just a question of waiting long enough to get whatwe want.)
    39.The rumour about the politician and construction contract
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