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    Người gửi: Nguyễn Văn Quyền
    Ngày gửi: 13h:14' 20-10-2012
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    ĐỀ BÀI TẬP 5
    Exercise 1: One of the four underlined parts marked A, B, C, D in each sentence is not correct in standard English. Identify them.
    If Lucia had been here now, she would find out the truth about her uncle’s accident.
    A B C D
    If a student takes a course on Computer Science, it will take him four years doing the course.
    A B C D
    Unless it did not rain, Peter would pay us a visit.
    A B C D
    If had I known you were in financial difficulty, I would have helped you.
    A B C D
    If I had knew the time when the match started, I would have told you.
    A B C D
    If she had finished the work, she can go home.
    A B C D
    If I had spoken more confident at the interview, they would have offered me the job.
    A B C D
    If we had had a map, we would not be lost yesterday.
    A B C D
    Had I known Alice’s address, I would write to her.
    A B C D
    If I had realized that the traffic lights were red, I would stop.
    A B C D
    If had you sent the application form to that company, you would have been offered a job.
    A B C D
    If you don’t care conservation the environment, we will get unavoidable disasters.
    A B C D /,ʌnə`vɔidəbl/ kh. thể tránh được; tất yếu
    He spends money carelessly as if he was a millionaire.
    A B C D
    Unless you work harder, you will be sack because of your laziness.
    A B C D
    Unless there had been the heavy storm, the climbers will not have died.
    A B C D
    She has found that nobody can help her if she did not try her best to do it herself.
    A B C D
    Exercise 2: Choose the best answer for each of the following sentences.
    If the oceans _____of fresh water, there_____ plenty of water to irrigate all the deserts on earth.
    A. is / will be B.were / would be C. would be / were. D. had been / would have been
    _____have enough apples, she’ll bake an apple pie this afternoon.
    A.Should she B. If she C. Will she D. Unless she
    If you_____to me, you wouldn’t have got so much trouble.
    A. listened B. would listen C. had listened D. Would have listened
    If you don’t know how to spell a word, you_____ look it up in the dictionary.
    A. must B. will C. should D. ought
    If the sun _____, we _____for a walk.
    A. shines / will go B. shone / will go C. shone / would go D. had shone / would go
    The campfire _____ if it _____ last night.
    A. wouldn’t be cancelled / hadn’t rained B. wouldn’t have been cancelled / hadn’t rained
    C. would have been cancelled / hadn’t rained D. will be cancelled / rains
    But for our parents, we _____ successful in life.
    A. will never be B. would never be C. wouldn’t have be D. would have never been
    If I _____ my wallet at home this morning, I _____ money for lunch now.
    A. leave / will have B. didn’t leave / would have
    C. hadn’t left / would have D. hadn’t left / would have had
    It is too bad, Lam isn’t here. If he _____ here, he _____ what to do.
    A. were / would know B. is / will know
    C. had been / would have known D. was / would know
    If we _____ the plans carefully, we would not have had so many serious mistakes.
    A. study B. had studied C. studied D. were studying
    I will never talk to you again _____ you apologize me _____ your being rude.
    A. if / for B. unless / for C. or / of D. whether / or
    _____ if you work harder, you will be sacked.
    A. Whether B. If C. However D. Unless
    I think you should stop smoking.
    A. If I am you, I will stop smoking. B. If I were you, I will stop smoking.
    C. If I were you, I would stop smoking. D. If I had been you
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