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Người gửi: Võ Minh
Ngày gửi: 12h:33' 01-10-2011
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Revision Unit 1,2,3_grade 12
A. Choose the best answer:
1,A.enough B. account C. ground D. outwit
2.A. phoned B. called C. cooked D. climbed
3.A. can B. cell C. call D. cold
4.A. machine B. cheap C. teacher D. child
5.A. wants B. books C. stops D. sends
6.A). helped B). handed C). laughed D). washed
7.A. through B. other C. everything D. thanks
8.a. facial b. communicate c. contact d. carpet
9.a. sometimes b. gestures c. interests d. examples
10.a. included b. wanted c. decided d. noticed
11.a. allow b. tomorrow c. slowly d. below
12.A. subject B. computer C. educate D. pupil
13. A. systems B. goods C. letters D. groups
14.Do you know the boy ________ father is a teacher?
A. that B. whom C. whose D. which
15.Marie Curie, ________ won a Nobel prize in Physics, is among the greatest scientists of all times.
A. who B. that C. whom D. whose
16.What ________ if you saw a pickpocket steal money from someone in the street?
A. will you do B. would you do C. did you do D. do you do
17.My bike, ________ I had left at the gate, had disappeared.
A. whose B. which C. that D. when
18.He didn’t listen to his teacher, so he didn’t perform well in the exam.
A. If he listened to his teacher, he would perform well in the exam.
B. If he hadn’t listened to his teacher, he would have performed well in the exam.
C. If he had listened to his teacher, he would have performed well in the exam.
D. If he had listened to his teacher, he wouldn’t have performed well in the exam..
19.Would you mind __________ me a hand ?
A. give B. gave C. to give D. giving
20..When I ____________ him tomorrow, I will tell him about that.
A. meet B. meeting C. met D.shall meet
21.What is the name of the blonde girl ___________ ?
A. whom just came in B. who just came in
C. when I have just seen D. who she met you.
22.I have no money now. If I _________ some, I __________ a pocket calculator.
A. have – will buy B. would have – bought
C. had – would bought D. had – would buy
23.I remember ___________ your key here yesterday.
A. seeing B. to see C. have seen D. see
24.If Mary had gone out last night, she _____________ seeing that film.
A. missed B. had missed C. would miss D. would have missed
25.Let me see all the letters ___________ you have written.
A. that B. when C. whom D. why
26.This car belongs ___________ the new manager.
A. for B. about C. to D. from
27.The house was crowded ___________ students.
A. with B. on C. of D. by
28.Barbara asked me _______ the homework that week.
a. that she must do b. if she has to do
c. if she had to do d. if did she have to do
29.Robert wanted to know if I was leaving the _______ Friday.
a. following b. ago c. previous d. before
30.Jennifer asked me _______ the week before.
a. where had I gone b. where I had gone
c. where did I gone d. I had gone where
31.They _______ him for weeks.
a. do not see b. did not see c
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