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45-min No.1 for Grade 11

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Người gửi: Trần Hữu Lưu
Ngày gửi: 09h:26' 31-10-2016
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Class: 11A _____
Student’s Full name : ____________________________
Time Allowed : 45 minutes
Paper Code: 45.1.01

LISTENING: (1.5 pts)
Part 1: Listen to Jim and Julie talking at a party. What do you the guests want to eat or drink? For question 1-3, write a letter A-H next to each person. You will hear the conversation twice. Write your answer in the space provided. (0.75 pts)


1. Kelvin ________

A. coffee

B. coke

2. Paul _________
C. ice-cream

D. milk

3. Jim _________
E. orange juice

F. sandwich

G. tea

H. water

Part 2: Listen to Sarah talking to her friend, Jane, about a new job. For questions 4-6, choose the correct answers (A, B or C). You will hear the conversation twice. Write your answer in the space provided. (0.75 pts)
4. Sarah usually starts work at _____.
A. 6.00 B. 8.30 C. 9.00
5. Sarah has lunch _____.
A. in a café B. in a park C. at home
6. The manager’s name is Mr _____.
A. Fawset B. Fawcett C. Fausett
Part 1: Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the rest.
1. A. arrives B. laughs C. talks D. wastes
2. A. fished B. mixed C. dropped D. combed
Part 2: Pick out a word which is stress on different position from the others.
3. A. confide B. realize C. conserve D. decide
4. A. friendship B. classmate C. belief D. difference
Choose the best answer to complete the following sentences.
1. _______________________ is a family group with a close relationship among the members that includes not only parents and children but also uncles, aunts, grandparents, etc
A. nuclear family B. blended family C. extended family D. stepfamily
2. Mothers often____________ themselves for their children.
A. die B. devote C. sacrifice D. give
3. The behaviour that is considered correct while you are having a meal at a table with other people is called _________________
A. table set B. table laying C. table mat D. table manners
4. Someone who is opposed to great or sudden social changes and showing that she / he prefers traditional styles and values is a __________________ person
A. enthusiastic B. conservative C. sympathetic D. unfriendly
5. Nam’s grandpa is ___________________. He is willing to listen to, think about or accept different ideas.
A. narrow-minded B. single-minded C. open-minded D. conservative
6. It will be _________________ if you ask someone to do everything for you without paying them money.
A. reasonable B. hospitable C. fair D. unreasonable
7. A school is for either males or females, but not for both together is a ___________________ school.
A. two-sex B. high C. single-sex D. boy
8. She has a very close _____________________ with the monitor of our class.
A. association B. relationship C. exchange D. classmate
9. His attitude ___________________ other people makes upsets me.
A. on B. for C. with D. towards
10. Violent films have a bad effect _____________________ the ways teenagers behave.
A. to B. on C. in D. at
11. Tom has recently ____________________ with his girl friend. They had an argument with each other.
A. made B. decided C. reconciled D. complained
12. We should never judge other people by _________________. Their characteristics are more important.
A. looking B. appearance C. laughing D. clothing
C. READING: Read the passage and choose one correct answer for each question.(2 pts)
The nuclear family, consisting

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