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71 cau bai tap wh-question

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Người gửi: Vũ Thị Hồng Nhung
Ngày gửi: 02h:49' 14-03-2011
Dung lượng: 36.5 KB
Số lượt tải: 2154
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I. Make questions for the underlined parts or the given answers

It’s a quarter past five now.
Her full name is Nguyen Minh Thu.
She is in grade 7.
My phone number is 838 888.
My address is 25 Quang Trung Street.
Mary lives At 25 Quang Trung Street.
There are five people in my family.
My father is a teacher.
There is a picture on the wall.
Our classes start at seven fifteen.
Yes, his house is next to a bookshop.
She goes to the super market twice a week.
Her children are playing on the playground.
Mr. Andersen is reading in his room.
My grandparents are listening to some pieces of music by Mozart.
She is learing English.
The train is going to Nha Trang.
There is only some rice in the kitchen.
Peter goes to his friend’s house this evening.
My father goes to work by bus.
It is twenty kilometers from my house to my office.
Mrs. Baker has three children.
Her car is red.
The building is 50 meters high.
The river is 5 meters wide.
My birthday is on February 21st.
He feels tired now.
Our break last 10 minutes.
She has many English books

30. He earns a hundred dollars a week.
31. He stopped the train by pulling the communication cord.
32. I`ve had this car since the beginning of October.
33. They went to the museum yesterday.
34. He didn’t go to school yesterday because he was ill.
35. Jackson will captain the team if Nick isn`t available.
36. My sister is a pianist.
37. I often listen to classical music to relax my mind.
38. The Bach concert lasted four hours.
39. We prefer pop music to classical music.
40. There were about 90 to 100 people at the concert last night.
41. I passed Mark’s house early in the morning.
42. The concert last night was great.
43. My English teacher is very tall and blond.
44. My favorite musician is Trinh Cong Son.
45. The opera was first performed in 1992.
46. Music can help relax and feel rejuvenated.
47. We take a holiday once a year.
48. The concert are usually held at the university.
49. I like classical music.
50. Every day I go to school by bicycle.
51. Our teacher lives in a small house in this town.
52. The police will come here in ten minutes.
53. The farmers are working in the field now.
54. She went to market to buy some bread.
55. The boy was glad because he was given presents.
56. This hand bag belongs to my friend.
57. We have 3 English classes every week.
58. There are 5 members in my family.
59. It often takes him 15 minutes to go to his office.
60. Something has happened. ~ Oh?
61. I’ve invited someone to tea.
62. The doctor has some children.
63. Someone is having a party tonight.
64. Rachel is planning something.
65. A lot of money was stolen last night.
66. You can keep those photos.
67. The meeting will last long.
68. I’m looking for someone.
69. We are going somewhere on weekends.
70. My mother likes some kind of music.
71. Jane will get back from Vancouver someday.
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