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UNIT 3 Anh 9 Thí Điểm

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Ngày gửi: 21h:20' 26-10-2016
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I.Choose the correct answer:
1.Adolescence is the period ________ child and young adulthood
a. for b.between c.and d.from
2.Your body will change in shape and________
a.height b.high c.tall d.taller
3.Your brain will grow and you’ll have improved self-control and_______ skills
a.housekeeping b.reasoning d.emotion control
4.They can’t decide who _______ first
a.go go c.went d.going
5.The girls are making fun ____ me so I’mvery embarresed b.for c.with d.of
6.Physical changes are different for every, so you don’t need to feel embarrased or______
a.frustrated b.tense c.confident d.delighted
7.I wish my parents could put themselves in my ______
a.situation c.feelings d.heart
8.Do you need to be that stressed______?
a.on c.out d.with
9.My mother is a strong person. She stays_____ even in the worst situations
a.calm b.healthy c.tense d.confident
10.You’ve been a bit tense lately so you need to _____ a break.
a.get b.take c.has d.let
11.His father wants him to get the_____ score in this exam
a. high b.higher c.highest high as
12.She has ______because she has a big assignment to complete
a.frustration b.frustrated c.frustrating d.frustratedly
13. We need to prepare food, do laundry and chores at home. It’s _________
a. Social skill b. Self-care skills c.Housekeeping skill d.Cognitive skills
14.I’ve won an essay contest. ---- _______________!
a. Congratulations! b.It’s interesting c.Oh poor! d. Good!
15.Your friend stayed up late studying for an important exam.
a. Well done! c.I know how you feel
b.Stay calm. Everything will be all right. D.A really great job.
16.The two countries agreed to _____ full diplomatic relations.
a.give up b.set up with d.over come
17.It’s difficult to _____ changes in technology.
a. go with b.look through c.keep up with d.turn up
18.Six people applied for the job, but four of them were ______
a.turned down b.turned up c.turned on d.turned off
19. It I ______ in your shoes, I’d take it easy and try to forget it.
a.are c.were d.have
20.We should cooperate with others and resolve conflicts or have communication skills . It’s__________
a.Social skills b.Housekeeping skills c.Emotion control skills d.Self-care skills
21.Magic number 18001567 is a _____toll free service.
a. 24 hours b. 24-hours c. 24 – hour d.24 hour

II. Use the correct form of the words:
1. You’ll experience _______ changes as well (emotion)
2.You’ll feel you want more independence and ________ (responsible)
3.We need adult support and ________ to make informaed decision and overcome stress (guide)
4. She is no longer in her ________ (adolescent)
5. I feel ______ when I have to wait for the bus in that neighbourhood (worry)
6. She is having too high_____________from her parents (expect)
7.Bill was__________about the exam result (disappoint)
8.Mai is feeling so _________ with her fashionable new hairstyle (delight)
9.I think taking a ________
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