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Thời gian làm bài 120 phút không kể thời gian giao đề

I. Choose the word or phrase which best completes each of the following sentences. Write your answers in the table below. There is an example for you (Number 0) (1,0 pt).
0. He is_________ good teacher.
A. a B. the D. one
1. Bao is the most_________ He spends his free time doing volunteer work at the local hospital.
A. reserved B. sociable C. different D. humorous
2. Mr. Nam called about his stationery order. He said Mrs. Van could_________ him at 8 634 082.
A. talk B. speak C. reach D. tell
3. Nam_________ here for a week
A. is B. was C. be D. has been
4. Your mother is beautiful. She has_________.
A. long straight black hair B. straight long black hair
C. black long straight hair D. hair long straight black
5. They are offering a 10%_________ on all computers this month.
A. reward B. discount C. reduce D. cut

II. Read the text below and think of the word which best fits space .Use only one word in each space. The first one has been done for you. Write your answers in the table below. (2,0 pts)
I (0)________ several good friends but I suppose that my best (1)________ is Ellen. We have been friends with each other (2)________ we were very young because she used to live next door to me. We were in the (3)________ class at school. She has always been much cleverer than me at all subjects. I don’t mind (4)________ she often help me with my homework! Anyway, I have always been better at sport than she is. I beat her at tennis and she didn’t like that. In fact, she hates (5)________ at anything and gets very annoyed if she does. That is the only thing that I don’t like about her. Otherwise, she has a great sense of (6)________ and she always makes me laugh. We get on very well (7)________ although we have arguments about silly little things sometimes. Ellen and her family moved to another district last year but I (8)________ see her a lot. We’re planning to go on a (9)________ around Europe next summer. I’m really looking forward to it because I think we’ll (10)________ a lot of fun and see exciting places.

III. There are 11 mistakes in the following paragraph. Underline the mistake then correct it. Write your answer in the table below (2,0 pts).
Do you have (0) some close friends? I think everybody has at least one close friend in his life. And so do I. I has two close friends: Linh and Chi. We are in the same class at the primary factory and the secondary school. We are also neighbor so we spend most of their time studying and playing together. Chi is a beauty girl with big black eyes and an oval rosy face. She is an intelligent student and always studies the better in my class. She also likes read. Linh isn’t as beautiful as Chi and she has a lovely smile and looks very healthy. Linh is very sporty. She spends most of her free time playing sports. Linh is a volleyball star on our school team. She is very sociable and has a good sense of humorous. Her jokes always make us laugh. I love both of my friends and I always hope our friendly will never die.

IV. Read the following passage carefully then say whether the statements are true (T), false (F) or no information (N)-Tick (√) the correct column (1,0 pt)
Last week I went with my elder brother to visit our National Library. We came there early in the morning and the library was crowded with school children. It was a Saturday morning. Before our country became free, it was known as “Raffles Library”. It is said to be one of the modern libraries in Asia.
The library is situated in Stamford Road beside our National Museum. There are hundred thousands of books in the library including valuable reference books, for university students. Almost all secondary school students are members of the library and they are allowed to borrow four books at a time.

0. It was in the summer


1. They went to
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