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UNITS 1 - 2 - 3


I. Phonetics
+ Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlined part is
pronounced differently from that of the rest in each of the following questions.
1. A. grocery
B. homemaker
C. together
D. promotion
2. A. gratitude
B. character
C. activate
D. agreement
3. A. comment
B. benefit
C. emission
D. chemical
4. A. adopt
B. protect
C. carbon
D. produce
5. A. financial
B. appliance
C. environment
D. electricity
6. A. breadwinner
B. heavy
C. season
D. ready
7. A. chores
B. chemical
C. charity
D. chair
8. A. collects
B. likes
C. swims
D. claps
9. A. things
B. engineers
C. scientists
D. individuals
10. A. single
B. music
C. contest
D. release
+ Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word which is stressed differently
from that of the rest in each of the following questions.
A. confident
B. important
C. together
D. exciting
A. routine
B. laundry
C. household
D. picnic
A. grocery
B. enormous
C. consumption
D. financial
A. reduce
B. adopt
C. issue
D. protect
A. awareness
B. difference
C. instrument
D. character
A. organic
B. dangerous
C. chemical
D. natural
A. rubbish
B. trumpet
C. laundry
D. routine
A. musical
B. melody
C. performance
D. improvise
A. perform
B. release
C. receive
D. talent
A. environment
B. generation
C. traditional
D. identify
II. Vocabulary
Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the
following questions.
Doing housework brings great _________to children as it helps them develop necessary life skills.
A. benefits
B. hard work
C. results
D. practices
A _______ is a person who manages a home and raises children instead of earning money.
A. breadwinner
B. homemaker
C. farmer
D. husband
Kindness and responsibility are two ___________ that many parents want to teach to their children.
A. family values
B. customs
C. cultures
D. ideas
My mother often ________________ in the early morning because she wants to choose the freshest
and healthiest ingredients for the meals.
A. does the cooking B. shops for groceries
C. do the grocery shopping D. cooks
To have chance to enter the final round, you have to _______ lots of competitors.
A. encourage
B. damage
C. eliminate
D. reach

My husband and I both go out to work so we _______ the household chores equally.

A. pay
B. share
C. make
D. take
We buy __ food at the farmers' market. It costs a little bit more, but we think it's better for our health.
A. organic
B. non-organic
C. healthy
D. wealthy
Environmentalists are furious with the American Government for delaying measures which will
reduce greenhouse gas _______.


A. exhaust fumes
B. smokes
C. wastes
Remember to turn off your ___________ when they are not used.

D. emissions


UNITS 1 - 2 - 3


A. household chores B. household appliances
C. household finance
D. invitations
Small changes in your daily habits can help reduce the ___________ you produce.
A. carbon footprint B. footsteps
C. issues
D. trouble
I passionately love the show “Familiar Faces” and this is the 4 ____ I've seen.
A. show
B. chapter
C. season
D. episode
Can you play any ____? - Yes. I can play the flute and the guitar.
A. musical tools
B. pieces of music
C. musical instruments
D. musical devices
In this round, the 
 have to form pairs and choose a song to perform with their partners.
A. supporters
B. participants
C. writers
D. audiences
Our music teacher has been invited to be a ________ in many music competitions and talent shows.
A. singer
B. competitor
C. contestant
D. judge
In the UK, poor air quality is responsible ___________ some 40,000 deaths each year.
A. to
B. for
C. in
D. with
You should cut down ________ electricity usage to reduce your carbon footprint.
A. in
B. on
C. to
D. for
Judges travel all round America __________ search of the best singers and bring them to Hollywood.
A. on
B. in
C. at
D. for
In my family, we work together on household chores. We share the housework ________
A. equality
B. equal
C. equally
D. unequally
Mr. Hoang found it difficult to be in charge of the household __________.
A. financial
B. financially
C. finances
D. financier
Nam doesn't enjoy being with other people. He isn't friendly. He is a(n) ___________ person.
A. unsociable
B. society
C. sociable
D. friendly

III. Grammar
Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the
following questions.
1. Hoa usually _______ charge of doing the washing-up in her family.
A. takes

B. is taking

C. take

2. Water ______________ at 100 degrees Celsius.
A. boils
B. boiled
C. is boiling
3. Hoang and Phong __________ football as they're having class now.
A. don't play

B. are playing

C. doesn't play

4. I'm busy at the moment, _______on the computer
A. I work
B. I'm worked
C. I'm working
5. The man can't see the hole in front of him, he __________ into it.
A. will fall
B. is going to fall
C. is falling
6. They have just bought some paint. They ________ their house this afternoon.
A. are going to paint
B. will paint
C. paint
D. be going to paint
7. It's very hot. ____ the window. please? 
A. Are you opening
B. Are you going to open
C. Will you open
D. Won't you open
8. Who ____ the next World Cup?
A. is going to win
B. is wining
C. will win
9. He ____ to the theatre tonight. He has got a free ticket.
A. goes
B. is going
C. went
10. This house is going ______ by my mother
A. sold
B. to be sold
C. to sold

D. will take
D. will boil
D. aren't playing
D. I worked
D. fell

D. win
D. will go
D. to sell


UNITS 1 - 2 - 3


11. Since the computer _______, it has made considerable changes to our daily life.
A. has invented

B. is invented

C. was invented

D. invented

12. Nobody can make the teen singer __________ anything that her mother doesn't agree with.
A. do
B. to do
C. doing
D. done
13. Tom said that he could ____ me with this assignment.
A. helped
B. helping
C. to help
D. help
14. I'd like ____ all of you to enjoy my party on this Friday.
A. to invite
B. inviting
C. invite
D. not invite
15. We expect Linh _______ to the airport late as the plane will take off in 15 minutes. NB
A. come

B. not to come

C. not coming

D. coming

16. It's customary _________ a gift from at least once or twice before finally accepting in Japan.
A. refuse
B. to refuse
C. refused
D. refusing
17. These games are challenging, ____ it's not easy to spend little time playing them.
A. so
B. and
C. for
D. or
18. My family really loves Japanese food, ____ we order it twice a week.
A. yet

B. so

C. but

19. You can go to the theatre with us _________ you can go there alone.
A. or
B. but
C. and
20. The boys are playing games, ____ the girls are watching TV.
A. so
B. nor
C. and

D. nor
D. for
D. yet

Complete the conversations by circling the best answers. Then practise reading them.
1. Lan: Nam, do you think family routines are necessary?
Nam: Yes. __________ each family should have some routines to help build strong family bonds.
A. I'm not sure that B. I strongly believe that
C. I agree that
D. I hope that
2. Lan: What do you think about the British family value of being truthful and honest?
Nam: _____________, it's one of the first things parents should teach their children.
A. In their opinion
B. In a nutshell
C. In my own way
D. In my opinion
3. Lan: Nam, do you think parents should help their children do their homework?
Nam: Well, ___________ parents should let their children do their homework by themselves so they
can become independent.
A. I don't think
B. I wish that
C. I believe that
D. I hope that
4. Lan: Do you think teens should learn how to cook?
Nam: Well, ____________ they can learn it when they start their own families. As teens, they should
spend all their time on study.
A. I suppose that
B. I hope that
C. I doubt that
D. I agree that
5. “May I borrow your book?” _ “ __________ “
A. This is my book. 
B. Ok. Thank you       
C. I don't borrow you  
D. Here you are
I. Find a mistake in the four underlined parts of each sentence.
1. Both parents have equal responsible to nurture and take care of children.
2. From the graphs, we can see that the number of employees who employed by this firm increases
each year
3. Staying active is half of the secret to weight control, the other is a health diet.


UNITS 1 - 2 - 3


4. People say that this house has been built by an old man 12 years ago
5. . Her fans planned send her a suprise present on her birthday.
6. Look at the dark clouds. I'm sure it will rain soon.
7. She noticed him to leave the party without saying goodbye.
8. Mr. Vy leaves the house at a quarter past five and arrive in the field at exactly 5.30.
9. After a two-hour discussion, we decided to expanding the car market in America.
10. The doctors looked at the test result, but they decided to operate on the patient.
II- Rewrite the sentences so that they have similar meaning to the original one:
1. Somebody breaks into our bungalow on Friday.
Our bungalow ……………………………………………………………………………………..
2. Nobody tells John about the changes of the plan.
 John ……………………………………………………………………………………………….
3. They are going to build a new school here.
A new school ………………………………………………………………………………………
4. We will organise more activities to raise local people's awareness of environmental issues.
 More activities…………………………………………………………………………………….
5. Peter invited Susan to be a judge in a popular TV talent show.
 Susan………………………………………………………………………………………………
6. She does physical exercises in 45 minutes.
It takes ……………………………………………………………………………………………..
7. My mother spends two hours doing housework every day.
It takes ……………………………………………………………………………………………..
8. I had a very good time although I didn't know many people in the party
 I didn't know many people in the party …………………………………………………………..
9. Her parents won't allow her to watch such TV shows.
 Her parents won't.............................................................................................................................
10. My father didn't let me attend the music concert alone.
 I wasn't ……………………………………………………………………………………………
IV. Write a paragraph (120 — 150 words) about ways to improve the environment. Use the following
questions as cues for your writing.
You can use the following cues:
+ Planting more trees
+ Setting up more rubbish bins
+ Cleaning up regularly
+ Raising people's awareness


UNITS 1 - 2 - 3


I. Read the passage and choose the best answer to fill in the blank
It can be so difficult to support a family and bring up children, says Michael Wilson, father of two
teenage girls. It's something that (1)
can ever prepare you for because every family (2)
different people and personalities.
Firstly, you have to make sure that everyone has what they (3)
. Children require so many things
these from school uniforms and books, pens and pencils to games, toys, computers and, of course, clothes.
Secondly, there is always the concern that they might be in danger. I see so many terrible things on the news
everyday that I always wonder whether my own children are safe or not and sometimes I get very
concerned, even if they are only a little late (4)
home. That's what they don't understand when I tell
them off. Of course, there are wonderful aspects to having a family. It is a great pleasure to watch them grow
and develop their own personalities, not to mention the love and warmth that exists in a family. My wife and
children are the most precious things in my life and, despite the difficulties, I can (5)
say that I
couldn't change a thing!
1. A. nobody

B. somebody

C. one

D. they

2. A. includes

B. consists

C. has

D. contains

3. A. need

B. ask

C. wish

D. request

4. A. reaching

B. going

C. coming

D. making

5. A. honest

B. honestly

C. honesty

D. unhonest

Every year, UNEP (the Environment Program of the United Nations) develops a theme which is used
globally to raise (1) ______ and call for support from governments, organizations, and individuals from all
over the world.
The theme for 2015 was "Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care”. This would also
serve as the slogan for the World Environmental Day 2015. The meeting of this theme and slogan is that we
have five continents with more than seven billion people combined. Although we have about 7 billion
people, we just have one planet that we live and survive. The surface area is limited, shelter and food also
limited. If we continue using the available natural (2) _______ as we do today, our future generations may
be (3) ______ to go hungry and without homes. This is why it is of vital importance to consume ( 4)
______food that is available with care. Stop the wastage and use whatever resource that is available
according to need, not greed.
“Join the race to make the world a better place” is the theme and slogan for 2016 UN World
Environment Day. This slogan carries a clear message and asks everyone to get involved (5) ______ making
the world a better place to live in.
1. A. feature
B. activity
C. ability
D. awareness
2. A. sources
B. resources
C. balances
D. increase
3. A. had
B. made
C. forced
D. accused

4. A. which
5. A. from

UNITS 1 - 2 - 3
B. whatever
B. to

C. who
C. within

D. what
D. in

Sir Elton John, an English pop singer and (1) ____, is known wearing unusual clothes and large colorful
glasses. He has been popular (2) ______ the 1970s and his most successful (3) _____ have included: “Your
song” (1970), “Rocket man” (1972), “Don't go breaking ray Heart” (1976) and “Sacrifice” (1989). He was a
friend of Diana, Princess of Wales, and played and sang a special version of his song “Candle in the Wind|”
at her funeral ceremony. This immediately became the most (4)_____ record of all time, with all the profits
going to a special charity set up in memory of Princess Diana. Elton John (5) ______ a knight in 1998.
1. A. piano player
B. pianoer
C. play piano
D. piano playing
2. A. in
B. since
C. at
D. from
3. A. record
B. albums
C. songs
D. clips
4. A. success
B. succeed
C. successful
D. successfully
5. A. made
B. make
C. is made
D. was made
II. Read the passage carefully and then choose the correct answers
Family life has been changing across some Southeast Asian countries over the past few decades. Many years
ago, most of teenagers lived with their families, spending several hours at school and the rest of time at
home enjoying family atmosphere. Besides their studying, adolescents could do some housework like doing
the dishes, cooking, taking care of younger children or supporting their family business. These days,
studying takes up such a lot of time that they cannot help much with household chores and sometimes they
even hardly have time to relax. This can lead to suffering worse health and losing the bond with their family.
In families with higher income, parents are often so busy with their work that they send their children to
private boarding schools, and the time these students share with families is shortened more and more. In
many cases, high-schoolers meet their siblings and parents at weekends only. It's believed that there are
some advantages to live and study in academic places, but other benefits that schools are unlikely to provide
should be taken into consideration. For example, these young learners can learn a lot from their parents
about social skills and doing domestic chores. On one hand, some people think that teenage students prefer
to have privacy than to be controlled by adults, which may be true. On the other hand, nothing can compare
or replace the parents' affection in terms of nurturing their children's souls and their behaviours. Changes
often bring positive results but how people consider what is important to maintain and preserve is worth
thinking again.
1. What is the passage mainly about?
A. The negative effect of living away from family.
B. Some changes in family life in Southeast Asian countries.
C. Teenagers love to live independently rather than rely on their parents.
D. Teenagers' life today is much better than that of decades ago.
2. What does the word 'this' mean?
A. The fact that students do not have time to relax.
B. The fact that students cannot help with family work.
C. The fact that students have to spend most of their time studying.
D. The fact that students do too much housework.
3. Long time ago young learners could help their parents with ___________.
A. family chores or parents' business
B. family chores and earn money themselves
C. nothing because of their busy curricula
D. nothing because they were busy playing
4. What are the benefits of family education?


UNITS 1 - 2 - 3


A. Children can learn about good conduct.
B. Children can learn about social skills.
C. Children can learn how to do business.
D. Children can learn about good conduct and social skills.
5. What is the most important thing in terms of raising a child?
A. Parents' love
B. Parents' control
C. Children's privacy
D. Children's independence
It isn't amazing how much time we spend talking about food? "Have you ever eaten ...?", "What do
you have for lunch?" and so on. And yet, when you travel from one county to another, you find that people
have quite different feelings about food. People often feel that what they eat is normal, and what other
people eat is strange and silly. In most parts of Asia, for example, no meal is complete without rice. In
England, people eat potatoes every day. In the Middle East, bread is the main part of every meal. Eating
becomes a habit which is difficult to change. Americans like to drink a lot of orange juice and coffee. The
English drink tea four or five times a day. Australians drink large amounts of beer and the French drink wine
every day.
The sorts of meat people like to eat also differ from one country to another. Horse meat is thought to
be delicious in France. In Hong Kong, some people enjoy eating snakes. New Zealanders eat sheep, but
never eat goat meat. The Japanese don't like to eat sheep meat because of its smell, but they enjoy eating
raw fish. So it seems that although eating is a topic that we can talk about for hours, there is a little common
sense in what we say about it. People everywhere enjoy what they have always eaten, and there is very little
we can do to change our eating habit.
1. What is the main idea of the text?
A. People have the same feelings about food.
B. People think about food differently.
C. People think that no meal is perfect without rice.
D. People everywhere enjoy what they have always eaten
2. According to the writer, where is bread the main food?
A. In Asia
B. In Japan
C. In France
D. In Middle East

3. In which country do people often drink beer?
A. France
B. Australia
C. England
D. America
4. Why are the Japanese not interested in sheep meat?
A. They don't like its smell.
B. It tastes bad.
C. Horse meat and goat meat are popular.
D. Some people enjoy eating snakes.
5. How does the writer conclude about our eating habit?
A. We can change our eating habit easily.
B. People everywhere enjoy eating new food.
C. Our eating habit is difficult to change.
D. Eating is a topic that we can talk about for hours.
The green building movement, started in the 1970s as a way to reduce environmental destruction, is
changing the way buildings are constructed. In the early years, green builders were a small minority, and
their goals of reducing the environmental impact of buildings were considered unrealistic. Now, however,
the movement is growing, as builders have been able to take advantage of new technology.
Green builders try to make use of recycled materials, which means less waste in dumps. Also, they reduce
environmental impact by reducing the energy requirements of a building. One way is to provide an
alternative, non-polluting source of energy. First, with solar panels, it is possible to produce electricity from
the rays of the sun. Once installed, they provide energy at no they cost and with no pollution.


UNITS 1 - 2 - 3


Another solution is to reduce the amount of energy required in a building. It is possible to cut electricity
use noticeably by improving natural lighting and installing low-energy light bulbs. To reduce the amount of
fuel needed for heating or cooling, builders also add insulation to the walls so that the building stays warmer
in winter and cooler in summer.
One example of this advanced design is the Genzyme Center of Cambridge, the most environmentally
responsible office building in America. Every aspect of the design and building had to consider two things:
the need for a safe and pleasant workplace for employees and the need to lessen the negative environmental
impact. 75 percent of the building materials were recycled materials, and the energy use has been reduced by
43 percent and water use by 32 percent, compared with other buildings of the same size.
In other parts of the world, several large-scale projects have recently been developed according to green
building principles. One of these is in Vauban, Germany, in an area that was once the site of army housing.
The site has been completely rebuilt with houses requiring 30 percent less energy than conventional ones.
These houses, heated by special non-polluting systems, are also equipped with solar panels.
A larger project is under way in China. The first phase of this project will include houses for 400
families built with solar power, non-polluting bricks, and recycled wall insulation. In a second phase, entire
neighborhoods in six cities will be built. If all goes well, the Chinese government plans to copy these ideas
in new neighborhoods across China.
Green building ideas, on a small or large scale, are spreading. Individuals, companies, and governments
are beginning to see their benefits. Not only are they environmentally friendly, green buildings improve
living and working conditions and also save money in the long run.
(Adapted from "Advanced Reading Power" by Beatrice S. Mikulecky and Linda Jeffries)
1. According to paragraph 1, the environmental goals set by green builders were initially considered
unrealistic presumably because ________ .
A. the problems of environment destruction were not prevalent at the time
B. there was a lack of green builders at the beginning of the 20th century
C. there was an abundance of natural materials for the construction of conventional buildings
D. the potential applications of technology to constructing green buildings were not recognised then
2. The word "they” in paragraph 2 refers to ________ .
A. solar panels

B. rays of the sun

C. green builders

D. recycled materials

3. According to the passage, which of the following statements about green buildings is TRUE?
A. They are gaining in popularity in different parts of the world
B. They are more economical and produce no pollution
C. They have only been built in technologically developed countries
D. They are environmentally responsible constructions with gardens
4. The phrase "under way" in paragraph 6 mostly means ________ .
A. being certified

B. being inspected

C. being launched

5. Which of the following does the passage mainly discuss?
A. Economic benefits of environmentally responsible buildings
B. New technologies applied to constructing office buildings
C. Successful green building projects all over the world
D. An environmentally friendly approach to constructing buildings

D. being notified
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