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Nhắn tin cho tác giả
(Tài liệu chưa được thẩm định)
Người gửi: Trần Thị Phuơng Thoa
Ngày gửi: 17h:03' 08-10-2017
Dung lượng: 19.7 KB
Số lượt tải: 258
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Bài kiểm tra 15 phút số 1 lop 7
I.Choose the best answer to complete each sentence
1.I join a photography club, and all the members love _________ a lot of beautiful photos.
a.take b.taking c.make d.making
2.What does your father do ___________ his free time? c.on d.while
3.I find dancing _____________ because we can work with music.
a.interesting interesting is interesting be interesting
4.I really like ___________ - especially in the sea.
a.swimming b.go swimming c.go fish d.skating
5.I love __________. My favorite writer is To Hoai. read b.books c.films d.poems
6.the job or activity of working in a garden, growing and taking care of the plants, and keeping it attractive.
a. farmer b.bird-watching c.gardening d.cycling
7.Which word has different sound in the part underlined?
a.bird b.girl c.first d.sister
8.Which word does not belong to each group?
a.stamp b.album c.collector d.mountain
II/Put the verb in brackets into the present simple or present progressive tenses.
1.My sister (not practice) ___________________ the guitar every day.
2.Nam’s friends often (give) _________________ him stamps from other countries.
3.________________(you/be) free next Sunday?
4.Don’t worry. I (go)____________ fishing with you next Saturday morning.
III/Answer the questions
1.What’s your hobby?
2.Will you continue your hobby in the future?

Đề kiểm tra một tiết lop 7 số 1
I.Choose the correct answer
1.Circle the word with sound /v/ b.flu c.volleyball
2.Odd one out
a,junk food b.vegetable c.fruit
3.She loves ______________ flowers and putting them into different vases.
a.buying buy d.bought
4.Watching too much TV is not good __________ you and your eyes. b.for c.on d.with
5.I love cooking, ___________ my sister doesn’t.
a.because c.but d.and
6.Choose one mistake
I find carving eggshells boring because it takes a lot of time completing one shell
7.She feels itchy and her nose is running. She says she has ______________.
a.headache b.toothache c.allergy d.flu
8.Liz:I am so nervous that I am putting on weight. – Tony: _________________
a.wash your hand more b.Eat less junk food c.sleep more d.sunbathe less
II/ Fill in the blank with one correct word from the box
In tiredness why help
There are many reasons ___________ it is important to have a hobby. First of all, a hobby can be a remedy for your ____________. Because it is the activity you choose for yourself, it will always give you pleasure and ____________you relax. Even if you just spend a little time enjoying your hobby, you can see the difference _____________your spirit.
III/Read the passage and answer the questions
The best way to keep fit and lose weight is by exercising and doing lots of it. For example, swimming is a very good way to lose calories because it works up all your muscles. Don’t worry if you are not good at swimming because there are lots of other ways that you can exercise and keep fit in. A very good way to do this is using an exercise machine such as an exercise bike. If you don’t have one you can go out for a little jog. That’s really helps you.
The experts advise that you should do exercise about one or two hours of exercise a day. Having a nice little run is a simple but effective way to exercise and it works for lots of people. For people who find it difficult to do physical exercise, they can always go on a low fat diet. This stops the build up of fat in your body.
If you are suffering from obesity, my best advice is that you should do at least an hour to do exercise each day and preferably go on a diet until you feel that you have lost one stone or two.
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