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Odd one out :
a.common b. favourite c. unusual d. popular
a. like b. love c. enjoy d. hate
Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.
a.purpose b.bottle c.collect d.second
a.heard b.pearl c.heart
Choose the word or phrase that best complete each unfinished sentence below or substitutes for the under lined word or phrase:
1.You need to be __________ to follow eggshell carving because it may take two weeks to complete one shell. b.patient c.careful d.interested
2.My sister is very keen on swimming, and she goes swimming three ______ a week.
a.time b.a time c.times d.timings
3.My sister’s hobby is __________
a. make models b.arranging flower arrange flower d.draw
4.If you choose sewing as your hobby, you will _________ you own clothes.
a.make b.get d.take
5.My father did not go to class to learn _______ to carve eggshells
a.why b.what d.when
6.I think dancing _____________________ interesting b.interesting c.boring d. unusual

IV. Supply the correct form of the verbs in the brackets.
1.My brother usually (go) _________ fishing in his free time.
2.We (not like) _______ roller skating because it’s dangerous
3.Don’t worry. I (go) _________ swimming with you tomorrow.
4.My friends hate (eat) ________ out. They think it (cost) _______ a lot of money.
5.Nick’s hobby is collecting stamps. He is a stamp _________ (collect)

V.Fill a word in each blank in the following passage
My favourite hobby is reading. I _________ this hobby when I was 5 years old. I still remember the first book I read, which was ________ a lazy rabbit. I was so excited when I read that book, so I kept ____________

VI.Read the passage and answer the questions
Ngoc: Today we’re talking about your hobby, collecting glass bottles. 
It’s quite unusual, isn’t it?
Mi: Yes, it is.
Ngoc: When did you start your hobby?
Mi: Two years ago. I watched a TV programme about this hobby and liked it right away.
Ngoc: Do you share this hobby with anyone?
Mi: Yes, my mum loves it too.
Ngoc: Is it difficult?
Mi: No, it isn’t. I just collect all the beautifull glass bottles after we use them. My grandmother also gives me some.
Ngoc: What do you do with these bottles?
Mi: I can make flower vase or lamps from them. I keep some unique bottles as they are and place them in different places in the house. They become home decorations.
Ngoc: Do you think you will continue your hobby in the future?
Mi: Certainly, it’s a useful hobby. It can help save the environment. Ngoc: Thank you, Mi.

1.What is Ngoc’s hobby?______________________________________________
2.Is it unusual? _____________________________________________________
3. When did she start her hobby?__________________________________________________
4. Who does she share this hobby with ?____________________________________________
5.How does she collect bottle? ___________________________________________________
6.What does she do with these bottles? _________________________________
7.Will she continue this hobby in the future?_____________________________

VII. Writing
1.Collecting tree leaves from different countries is interesting (rewrite the sentence)
It is _____________________________________________________________
2.I/think/ you/ take up/ jogging/ because/ it/ suitable/ health condition
3.I started this hobby three years ago. (rewrite the sentence)
I have ___________________________________________________________
4.I find making model boring because ________________________________
(complete the sentence)
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