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Ngày gửi: 18h:07' 16-08-2017
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I. Complete the sentences with just and the present perfect form of the verbs below.
write do hear lose buy drink read

1. I _______ all my work, so now I can go out!
2. You _______ all the milk! Can you buy some more when you go shopping?
3. I _______ that book. It was a great story.
4. I _______ from Michael that the café is closing. Is it true?
5. She _______ a letter to the newspaper to complain about this article.
6. My friend _______ a new car. It was really expensive!
7. We don’t have to take the exam today. The school _______ the exam papers! Mark: ___ /7
II. Complete the sentences with the correct present perfect form of the verbs in brackets.
1. _______ (you / listen) to my new CD yet?
2. I _______ (open) my present yet. I’m waiting for you to come round.
3. _______ (you / see) Pete today? I heard he’s not very well.
4. My sister _______ (pass) her driving test yet, but she wants to buy a car!
5. I _______ (speak) to Jenny about the party yet, so I have to call her today.
6. _______ (the theatre / send) our tickets yet?
7. _______ (you / have) lunch? We can go to the cafeteria for a sandwich. Mark: ___ /7
III. Put the words in the correct order to make questions.
1. my / have / glasses / seen / you ___________________________________?
2. the / gone / have / where / children ___________________________________?
3. books / read / month / you / many / have / how / this_____________________________?
4. yet / booked / a / you / table / have ___________________________________?
5. France / Libby / to / with / who / gone / has ___________________________________?
6. parents / brought / what / your / have ___________________________________?
Mark: ___ /6
IV. Complete the questions and sentences. Write the words in brackets correctly.
1. Have you ever flown by ____________ (chopilret)?
2. Whose is that blue _________ (cotrose) parked outside?
3. We`re going to the capital by _________ (chaco) overnight.
4. I`d love to travel in one of those really fast ___________ (ranits) in Japan!
5. He`s got a new _____________ (boromekit)! It can go really fast!
6. Pat`s dad drives a _________ (lyror) in his job.
7. Did you hear about the _________ (lapen) crash on Tuesday?
8. You can go by bike, but I`m taking the _________ (mart) to the park! Mark: __ /8
V. Complete the text with the words below.
afterwards first of all suddenly then finally nowadays recently

1__________ we talked about travelling by bus, but 2_________ we had a different idea, and decided to go by train because, 3__________, there have been several bus accidents. So we 4_________ bought the tickets on Tuesday. We arrived at the station and got on the train. 5__________ there was a terrible noise and we all fell on the floor. We discovered 6__________ that another train didn`t stop in time and crashed into ours. It`s difficult to travel safely 7___________! Mark: __ /7
VI. Complete the dialogue. Write the words in the correct order.
A. Derby / two / like / to / please / tickets / I`d 1_______________________________.
B. Single or return?
A. Return, please.
B. back / coming / you / when / are 2________________________________?
A. On Friday. train / time / leave / the / does / what 3________________________________?
B. In half an hour.
A. it / platform / is / which 4________________________________?
B. Number four.
A. Thanks. Does it go direct?
B. No. Nottingham / to / you / change / have / at 5________________________________.
Mark: __ /5
VII. Complete the sentences with the words below. There is one word that you do not need.
sick by inconvenient just luggage on port rope trapped uncomfortable yet

1. The climbers were _________ on a dangerous part of the mountain, so the mountain rescue team had to throw down a _________ from a helicopter to save them.
2. Karen’s aunt and uncle are travelling around the Mediterranean _________ boat. They’ve already been to France and Italy, but they haven’t been to Greece _________.
3. The bus I usually take to work is really _________, because there’s only one bus every hour. In fact, it’s faster to go to work _________ foot!
4. It’s been a really _________ journey. The
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