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(Tài liệu chưa được thẩm định)
Nguồn: From Course Books, 2018
Người gửi: Thẩm Tâm Vy
Ngày gửi: 09h:52' 10-09-2018
Dung lượng: 164.5 KB
Số lượt tải: 1144
Số lượt thích: 2 người (Phan Ngọc Huy, Nguyễn Hường)
Thời gian: 45 phút
Name....................................................... Marks......
Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the word(s) OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.
01. ~ Whistling or clapping hands to get a person’s attention is considered rude.
A. politely B. polite C. discourteous D. embarrassing
02. ~ Indian men agree that it is unwise to confide in their wives.
A. believe in B. reveal news to C. hide feelings D. keep secrets from
Choose the word with the different stress pattern.
03.A. apology B. disappointment C. conversation D. economic
04.A. household B. approve C. applause D. complaint
Read the passage and choose the best answer to each question below it.
If parents bring up a child with the aim of turning the child into a genius, they will cause great damage to him. According to several leading educational psychologists, this is one of the biggest mistakes which some parents make. Generally the child will understand very well what the parents expect and will fail. Unrealistic parental expectations can cause great damage to children.
However, if parents are not unrealistic about what they expect their children to do, but are hopeful in a sensible way, the child may succeed in doing very well especially if the parents are very supportive of their children.
Michael Lee is very lucky. He is very fond of music, and his parents help him a lot by taking him to concerts and arranging private piano and violin lessons. Although Michael’s father plays the trumpet in a large orchestra, he never makes Michael enter music competitions if he is unwilling.
Michael’s friend, Winston Wren, however, is not so lucky. Although both his parents are successful musicians, they set too high a standard for Winston. They want their son to be as successful as they are, and so they enter him in every piano competition held. They are very unhappy when he does not win. "When I was your age, I used to win every competition I enter," Winton’s father tells him. Winston is always afraid that he will disappoint his parents and now he always seems quiet and unhappy.
05. According to the author’s opinion,........
A. Unrealistic parents should arrange private lessons for their children.
B. Parents should be supportive of theirchildren.
C. It is unimportant to let the child develop in the way they want.
D. All sensible parents can train their children to success in everything.
06. It is one of parents’mistakes if........
A. they want their child to be a musician. B. They make their child try to achieve too much.
C. They help their child to win music competitions. D. They don’t care for their child’s education much.
07. Michael is lucky because........
A. His father is a musician in an orchestra. B. His family is rich enough to have a car.
C. His parents help him in a sensible way. D. He is free to do anything that he likes.
08. The main idea of the passage is.......
A. how parennts should make a child a musician. B. what aim of a child can be much earlier to reach.
C. what differences there are between two kinds of parents. D. how parents should bring up a child.
09. Winton’s parents set so high a standard for him that.......
A. He is afraid that he may disappointthem B. He often wants to kill himself someday.
C. He has to do his best to do everything. D. He has made greater progress in music.
Choose the best answer to complete the passage.
Many people think that they can ...(10)... a lot about the culture of a foreign country simply by living in that culture. ...(11)... this is not necessarily true. Often the ...(12)... we stay in a foreign country, the more we realize how little, we actually know about the culture of that country. Books and talks about other people`s culture can just be dangerous because they concentrate on culture differences and exaggerate national characteristics; sometimes a lot of the information they contain is untrue.
In a survey recently carried out`in Britain, people were asked to ...(13)... a list of anything that they thought was ...(14)... of Britain and would interest foreign visitors there. Most of them mentioned Shakespeare, the Queen, village inns, English folk dancing, football hooligans, umbrellas, English castles, cricket, and fish and chips wrapped in newspaper.
10.A. learn B. understand C. master D. be aware
11.A. But B. While C. Whereas D. However
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