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Ngày gửi: 22h:32' 23-02-2019
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September 11th 2017 Period 2 : REVISION UNIT 1
I. AIMS: - By the end of the lesson SS will be able to understand Unit 1 fluently
II. Procedure:
EX 1 :Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.
a. some b. rode c. come d. month
a. judo b. hope c. post d. one
a. brother b. mother c. go d. don’t
a. physics b. history c. excited d. music
a. healthy b. history c. vocabulary d. my
EX 2:Odd one out
a. compass b. textbook c. calculator d. judo
a. English b. play c. science d. history
a. have b. share c. study d. with
a. classmate b. remember c. knock d. help
a. uniform b. post office c. library d. classroom
EX3:Choose the best answer to complete the sentence.
Listen! Someone____ at the door.a. Are knocking b. is knocking c. knock d. knocks
________. I forgot my calculator.a. Oh dear b. I see c. You’ll see d. That’s OK
I’m excited ________ our first day at school.a. In b. with c. about d. for
Let’s _______ our school uniform and go to school.a. Take off b. wear on c. put off d. put on
Get up, Tom. We __ to school, today.
a. Are going back b. going back c. go to back d. are going to back
I meet my friend ....... my way to schoola. In b. on c. at d. of
Do you ___ things with your classmates?a. Share b. help c. put on d. wear
My school is ___ by mountains and green fields.
a. Surrounding b. surround c. surrounded d. surrounds
How do you get to school every day? - ____a. by bike b. on foot c. I walk to school d.all are correct
I ______ my homework with my friends.a. play b. have c. do d. all are correct
Students live and study in a ______ school. They only go home at weekends.
boarding b. international c. creative d. small
___ does Mai usually cook dinner? – At five pm.a. What b. When c. What time d. Why
They are healthy because they _______ every day.
play chess b. do judo c. study vocabulary d. play music
Do you keep when your teacher is talking? - _____
yes, I do b. Yes, we do c. Yes, I am d. a & b are correct
Hoang _____ in a small house in the center of the city.
live b. lives c. don’t live d. a & c are correct
EX 4: Give correct forms or tense of the verb.
I (go) _____________ at 5 o’clock every day.
Our team (play) _______________ football on Sunday mornings.
Listen! (they / sing) _______________ in the classroom?
(Van / walk) _______________ to school with you?
My new school (have)__________________ a larger playground.
Both Lan and Nhan (wear) ____________ uniform every day.
(you / be) _______________ ready?
At the moment Lan (walk) ________________ to class with her friends
Tuan ( have) a shower before breakfast.
Look! The men ( wear) blue uniforms.
Where is Jane? – She is in the kitchen. She ( cook) dinner.
She ( do) ballet 3 times a week
I really (want) an ice-cream.
It’s 7 o’clock and they( go) to school now.
Our cat never ( jump) on the kitchen table.
EX 5:Correct order
Money / much / get / do / how / you /pocket/ ?
Subject / what / your / is / favourite/ ?
School / do / which / go / you / to / ?
I / you / my / shall / introduce /

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