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Ngày gửi: 15h:14' 05-07-2017
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Choose the word marked A, B, C, or D which is stressed differently from the rest.
Question 1. A. attract B. person C. signal D. instance
Question 2. A. verbal B. suppose C. even D. either
Question 3. A. example B. consider C. several D. attention
Question 4. A. situation B. appropriate C. informality D. entertainment
Question 5. A. across B. simply C. common D. brother

Choose the option marked A, B, C, or D that best completes each unfinished sentence.
Question 6. She is a kind of woman who does not care much of work but generally___________ meals, movies or late nights at a club with her colleagues.
A. supposes B. discusses C. attends D. socializes
Question 7. I didn`t think his comments were very appropriate at the time.
A. correct B. right C. suitable D. exact
Question 8. You should___________ more attention to what your teacher explains.
A. make B. get C. set D. pay
Question 9. Body language is a potent form of___________ communication.
A. verbal B. non-verbal C. tongue D. oral
Question 10. Our teacher often said, "Who knows the answer? ___________ your hand."
A. Rise B. Lift C. Raise D. Heighten
Question 11. This is the instance where big, obvious non-verbal signals are appropriate.
A. matter B. attention C. place D. situation.
Question 12. They started, as___________ gatherings but they have become increasingly formalized in the last few years.
A. informal B. informally C. informalize D. informality
Question 13. Children who are isolated and lonely seem to have poor language and___________.
A. communicate B. communication C. communicative D. communicator
Question 14. The lecturer explained the problem very clearly and is always__________ in response to questions.
A. attention B. attentively C. attentive D. attentiveness
Question 15. Pay more attention___________ picture and you can find out who is the robber.
A. to B. for C. at D. on
Question 16. She looked___________ me, smiling happily and confidently.
A. on B. over C. forward to D. at
Question 17. - Timmy: “What an attractive hair style you have got, Mary!“
-Tommy: “___________ “
A. Thank you very much. I am afraid B. You are telling a lie
C.Thank you for your compliment D. I don`t like your sayings
Question 18. In___________ most social situations, ___________ informality is appreciated.
A. Ø/ Ø B. the/ an C. a/ the D. the/ a
Question 19. –Thin: “What_______ beautiful dress you are wearing!”
–Thu: “Thank you. That is _______ nice compliment.”
A. Ø/ Ø B. the/ Ø C. a/ a D. the/ the
Question 20. ___________ you wanted to ask your teacher a question during his lecture, what would you do?A. As B. As if C. Even of D. suppose
Question 21. John asked me___________ in English.
A. what does this word mean B. what that word means
C. what did this word mean D. what that word meant
Question 22. The mother told her son___________ so impolitely.
A. not behave B. not to behave C. not behaving D. did not behave
Question 23. She said she___________ collect it for me after work.
A.would B. did C. must D. had
Question 24. She said I___________ an angel.
A. am B. was C. were D. have been
Question 25. I have ever told you he___________ unreliable.
A. is B. were C. had been D. would be
Question 26. I told him________ the word to Jane
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