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Ngày gửi: 21h:45' 16-04-2015
Dung lượng: 53.3 KB
Số lượt tải: 1879
Số lượt thích: 2 người (Phạm Minh Thư, Huỳnh Thị Mỹ Linh)
(Extracted from English Olympic for grade 11)
1. The unresponsive audience made the lecturer somewhat _________ (heart). What a shame!
2. A list of _________ events will be posted on the notice board. (come)
3. She’s quite an _________! (eye)
4. Listening to that doctor’s talk was a very _________ experience. (rich)
5. His family suffered from his _________. (expend)
6. We have _________ temperatures every night in mid-winter. (zero)
7. The _________ staff consists of 10 experienced journalists. (edit)
8. The two nations finally agreed to sign a _________ pact to normalize their diplomatic relations. (aggressive)
9. _________ children will not be allowed to cross busy roads. (company)
10. She is very efficient and _________ polite to the customers. (fail)
11. His busy schedule made him completely _________ to his students. (access)
12. Various _________ by police officers were brought up to light by the enquiry. (practice)
13. He works for UNESCO in a purely _________ role.(advice)
14. Some referees in the V-league lack _________ .(part)
15. Children who grow up in time of war are more likely to be _________ then others. (adjust)
16. Mai has a very sweet _________ smile. (child)
17. They fought _________ in the war. (hero)
18. The boy was violent and his parents found him _________. (manage)
19. The _________ of the trains and buses causes frustration. (frequent)
20. I didn’t know who she was with a mask on. She was completely _________. (recognize)
21.The sun and the moon are often _________ in poetry. (person)
22. I felt _________ to speak on the subject. In fact, I could have done it perfectly. (qualifications)
23. Those corrupted officials tried to establish a _________ for their shameful transaction with the Mafia. (coverage)
24. He was _________ by his many disappointments. (bitter)
25. After admitting their mistakes, they apologized _________ for what they had done. (reserve)
26. His latest _________ is a racehorse. (acquire)
27. _________ expressions are gainfully employed when the listener or reader is successful in making the intended connection. (refer)
28. The reason for Bruce Lee’s death was sleeping pill _________. (dosage)
29. This statue _________ the soldiers who died in the war. (memory)
30. What a terrible film! It’s really _________ in my view. (rate)
31. The troops were thoroughly _________ by this set-back.(moral)
32. We try to ensure the _________ of our employees. (be)
33. There’s nothing to match the warmth and _________ of a genuine log-fire. (cozy)
34. At schools, the teachers are _________ by the urgent needs of a large number of children clamoring for attention, and the frequent overcrowding of classrooms. (siege)
35. The air stewardess made it clear how _________ she was of his behavior. (contempt)
36. I felt that turning up at the wedding in jeans and a T-shirt was rather _________. (appropriacy)
37. She gave a solemn _________ to respect their decision. (take)
38. Please ensure that your child’s sports clothes are clearly marked in _________ ink. (delete)
39. The police took _________ action against that player, who was involved in the match-fixing scandal. (discipline)
40. In order for the project to be started, they needed a large _________. (lay)
41. The president _________ drew his conclusions from that ill-founded evidence. (err)
42. As a result of this conflict, he lost both his home and his means of _________. (life)
43. A new book claims to have proved that _________ moisturing creams really can help to make your skin look younger. (age)
44. His intellect and mental _________ have never been in doubt. (agile).
45. He examined the parcel _________, as he had no idea what I would be. (suspect)
46. Jane has succeeded in making himself _________ to Mr. Parker, She does everything for him. (dispense)
47. I was _________ by Angelina’s loud and aggressive voice and so chose to remain silent throughout the discussion. (timid)
48. Fishing is said to be the most popular _________ sport in the UK. (participant)
49. ‘Have you got any _________ about the corporation?’ (give)
50. To the couple’s expectation, the birth of their _________ baby lighted up the house with laughter. (long)
51. I was surprised by the _________ of the occasion. All the men wore dark suits and ties. (formal)
52. The tourists were impressed by the _________ of the jewellery in

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