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Người gửi: Vũ Tuấn Anh
Ngày gửi: 20h:02' 10-09-2018
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Số lượt tải: 138
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Bài tập Đảo ngữ
Bài 1. • Only when he started working with her, ____that she was intelligent.
A. he had realize
B. did he realize
C. he did realized
D. he realized
Bài 2. • Only after food has been dried or canned ________________________________.
A. it should be stored for future use.
B. that it should be stored for future use.
C. should it be stored for future use.
D. should it store for future use.
Bài 3. ____worked outside the home as nowadays.
A. Never so many women have
B. Never have so many women
C. The women are not never
D. The women who have never
Bài 4. • No longer____any pleasure to do this job.
A. I do have
B. do I have
C. do have I
D. I have
Bài 5. John stops smoking.
A. John does not smoke no longer
B. John smokes any longer
C. No longer does John smoke
D. Any longer John smokes
Bài 6. • Only when you grow up____the truth.
A. you will know
B. will you know
C. you know
D. do you know
Bài 7. • No sooner had he arrived home____he was called out again.
A. when
B. and
C. than
D. but
Bài 8. • ____had the restaurant opened____people were flocking to eat there .
A. Hardly… than
B. Nosooner..that
C. No sooner..than
D. hardly.. that
Bài 9. • Down____for three days.
A. the rain poured
B. did the rain pour
C. poured the rain
D. do the rain pour
Bài 10. • Out ____the children when the bell rang.
A. did the children run
B. ran the children
C. run the children
D. do the children run
Bài 11. • Such____that he would stop at nothing.
A. his ambition was
B. did his ambition
C. does his ambition
D. was his ambition
Bài 12. • Only once____late to school.
A. he came
B. did he came
C. came he
D. did he come
Bài 13. • He no longer collects stamps as he used to. No longer____
A. he collects stamps as he used to
B. does he collect stamps as he used to
C. does he collected stamps as he used to
D. doesn’t he collect stamps as he used to it.
Bài 14. • ____, a matter is formed of molecules.
A. It doesn’t matter if the complex
B. It’s not a complex matter
C. No matter how complex it is
D. How complex is not a matter
Bài 15. • No more ____to worry about the future sources of energy.
A. don’t we have
B. we don’t have
C. do we have
D. we do have
Bài 16. • Hardly____asleep when the phone woke him up again.
A. had the doctor fallen
B. did the doctor fall
C. the doctor fell
D. the doctor has fallen
Bài 17. • Not until darkness fell____he hadn’t done half of his work.
A. that he realized
B. did he realize
C. that he didn’t realize
D. didn’t he realize
Bài 18. • Seldom____of Nancy Johnson as coloured.
A. her classmates thought
B. thought her classmates
C. her classmates did think
D. did her school classmates think
Bài 19. On the hill ____ a big pine tree.
A. stands
B. stand
C. does
D. standing
Bài 20. . Not once ____ into her eyes.
A. he looked
B. does he looks
C. did he look
D. he was looking
Bài 21. . Not until next year____ take place.
A. the new tax change will
B. will the new tax change
C. the new tax changes
D. they change the new tax
Bài 22. Not until a monkey is several years old …..…to exhibit signs of independence from its mother.
A. it begins
B. does it begin
C. and begin
D. is it begin
Bài 23. .………….. did Jerome accept the job.
A. Only because it was interesting work.
B. Because it was an interesting work.
C. Only because
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