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bài tập đảo ngữ có đáp án phần 4

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Người gửi: Vũ Tuấn Anh
Ngày gửi: 10h:18' 16-09-2018
Dung lượng: 76.0 KB
Số lượt tải: 52
Số lượt thích: 0 người
Đảo ngữ
Bài 1. _________the government be forced into another election, it would be the favorite to win.
A. If
B. Unless
C. Was
D. Should
Bài 2. _________to make an appointment to see Dr Simons, she is available between 9.00 and 11.00.
A. you should wish
B. Should you wish
C. had you wish
D. When you wished
Bài 3. _________further problems with your printer, contact your deal for advice.
A. Had you have
B. Should you have
C. If you having
D. Were you have
Bài 4. _____to accept the post, you will be expected to start work on 1st April.
A. you should decide
B. Should you decide
C. If you decide
D. B & C
Bài 5. ________any further news, we will be in touch immediately.
A. We hear
B. Had we heard
C. Should we hear
D. Unless we hear
Bài 6. _________ you wish to take advantage of the offer, kindly tick the box on your order.
A. Can
B. Should
C. Were
D. Had
Bài 7. _________ the film be a success, they may be rich soon
A. Was
B. If
C. Should
D. B & C
Bài 8. ________you change your mind, there will always be a job for you here.
A. Had
B. If
C. Should
D. B&C
Bài 9. _________, a large area of sea would be contaminated.
A. Did the chemical to leak
B. Were the chemical be leak
C. Were the chemical to leak
D. Should the chemical to leak
Bài 10. _________, they would face Italy in the final.
A. Had Germany beat
B. Shoud Germany to beat
C. Were Germany to be beat
D. Were Germany to beat
Bài 11. _________, he would not permit such bad behavior.
A. Had Mr Morgan still be headmaster
B. Were Mr Morgan still headmaster
C. Was Mr Morgan still headmaster
D. Should Mr Morgan still headmaster
Bài 12. _________, you would have got a high mark.
A. Should you given it in on time
B. Had you given it in on time
C. Were you given it in on time
D. Had you give it in on time
Bài 13. _________a lawyer, as her parents’ wishes, she would have earned a large salary.
A. Had she became
B. Had she become
C. Were she became
D. Had she to become
Bài 14. _________, I would have been held responsible.
A. Had anything go wrong
B. Had anything have gone wrong
C. Were anything gone wrong
D. Had anything gone wrong
Bài 15. _________ Henry, I might not have met you.
A. Had it not for
B. Had it not been for
C. Had it no been for
D. Had not it been for
Bài 16. _________they could have saved the vessels.
A. Should the coast guards been notified
B. Were the coast guards to been notified
C. Had the coast guards been notified
D. Had been the coast guards notified
Bài 17. Had _________ by phone, the airline could have warned them.
A. they confirm
B. they confirmed
C. did they confirmed
D. did they confirm
Bài 18. _________ his solicitor’s advice, he would have made a serious mistake.
A. But for
B. Had it not been for
C. Had not it been for
D. A & B
Bài 19. _________did he spend all his money but she also borrowed some from me.
A. Only after
B. Not only
C. Not until
D. In any time
Bài 20. _________had I left the office than the phone rang.
A. Hardly
B. Not till
C. No sooner
D. No longer
Bài 21. Hardly_________ the phone down when the boss rang back.
A. has I put
B. had I put
C. was I put
D. did I put
Bài 22. Not until the bell rang_________ his work.
A. did he finish
B. has he finish
C. he finished
D. he finish
Bài 23. Only after several months _________ to see the symptoms of the disease.
A. we begin
B. did we begin
C. did we begun
D. did we began
Bài 24. Never in my life ________have I seen anyone drink as much as you.
A. have I seened
B. have I seen
C. did I seen
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