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Người gửi: Trương Việt Trinh
Ngày gửi: 13h:19' 13-10-2020
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1. Find the word which has a different sound in the part underlined. Read the words aloud.
1. A. game B. arrange C. skate D. cake
2. A. hobby B. doll C. collect D. over
3. A. difficult B. unusual C. uncle D. result
4. A. piano B. fish C. like D. badminton
5. A. rest B. help C. garden D. identify
2. Put the words in the box into two groups.
world arrange service gardening model
pottery melody sunburn surfing expert




1. Find the odd one out A, B, C or D.
1. A. cycling B. cooking C. evening D. gardening
2. A. play B. swim C. collect D. photo
3. A. horse-riding B. challenging C. bird-watching D. mountain-climbing
4. A. usual B. write C. walk D. eat
5. A. pottery B. enjoy C. flower D. wood
2. Circle A, B, C, or D for each picture.

A. skating
B. singing
C. dancing
D. cooking

A. bird-watching
B. taking photos
C. arranging flowers
D. playing board games

A. collecting
B. taking
C. gardening
D. climbing

A. making models
B. making pottery
C. carving wood
D. collecting dolls

3. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense form.
1. You (think) __________ collecting stamps costs much money?
2. My father thinks mountain climbing (be) __________ more dangerous than skating.
3. Every year, my mother (give) __________ me a nice doll on my birthday.
4. My brother (not like) __________ collecting stamps, he likes collecting glass bottles.
5. My sister likes (cook) __________ very much. She can cook many good foods.
6. Does your brother like (listen) __________ to music in his free time?
7. I think in the future, more people (enjoy) __________ going out by bicycles.
8. My father says when he`s retired, he (go) __________ back to his village to do the gardening.
9. We are planting trees around our school now. Our school (be) __________ surrounded by a lot of green trees.
10. Lan says she loves collecting pens but she (not/continue) __________ this hobby from next year.
4. Fill each blank with a word/phrase in the box.
bottles photos horse-riding gymnastics the guitar
camping dolls fishing gardening painting
1. I always take a lot of __________ when I go on holidays.
2. A: Can you play __________?
B: No, I can’t, but I can play the piano.
3. My brother’s hobby is watching __________, he likes horses very much.
4. Her brother likes collecting __________, especially glasses.
5. I like drawing very much. My hobby is __________.
6. My sister likes collecting __________. Now she has more than 100.
7. Her hobby is __________. She plants many beautiful flower trees in her garden.
8. My father likes __________. He often goes to the lakes or rivers when he has free time.
9. When we have some days off, my close friends and I often go __________.
10. My sister likes doing __________. She looks very fit.

1. Put a word from the box in each gap to complete the following passage.
likes cycling goes reads listening
have collecting cooks enjoys gets

My family has six people. We (1) __________ different hobbies. My grandfather (2) __________ reading newspapers. He (3) __________ newspapers every morning after breakfast. My grandmother doesn’t like reading them. She (4) __________ to the market near my house every morning. She buys a lot of food. She (5) __________ very well. Oh, I love all her food. My father likes (6) __________. He (7) __________ up early and cycles around the West Lake all the year round. My mother doesn’t
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