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bai tap lam them (Unit 5: natural wonders of the world)

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Nhắn tin cho tác giả
(Tài liệu chưa được thẩm định)
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Choose the words having the underlined letters pronounced differently
A. red B. leg C. head D. bean
A. go B. open C. brown D. nose
A. lunch B. today C. young D. hungry
A. like B. read C. see D. police
A. speak B. great C. sleep D. sheep
A. offices B. activities C. houses D. places
A. forest B. west C. boots D. coast
A. beer B. deep C. between D. green
Odd one out
A. mountain B. river C. forest D. wonder
A. desert B. nature C. island D. waterfall
A. painkillers B. sun cream C. sleeping bag D. plaster
A. better B. clever C. happier D. hotter
A. worst B. best C. largest D. west
A. garden B. backyard C. map D. frontyard
A. tent B. torch C. bay D. compass
A. attraction B. essential C. poetry D. famous
A. sparkle B. spell C. marvelous D. peaceful
Choose the correct words to complete the sentences
The river is dangerous. You __________ swim here.
Can B. can’t C. must D. mustn’t
London is a big city, but Tokyo is __________ than London.
The biggest B. biggest C. bigger D. big
You must not __________ alone.
Travel B. travelling C. to travel D. travels
What __________ the weather __________? – It’s cool.
Is / like B. does / like C. are / like D. do / like
__________ Geography Club.
Welcome B. Well come C. Welcome to D. Well come to
I’m going to introduce some __________ wonders of the world to you.
Nature B. natural C. naturally D. nation
Which country __________ Phuc __________ ?
Would / like visiting C. would / like to visit
Would / like visit D. would / like to visits
My mother __________ in the kitchen now.
Is cooking B. cooks C. will cook D. all are correct
__________ can I get there?
What B. Where C. How D. Who
She often __________ dinner at 7 pm, and now she __________ dinner.
Is having / is having B. has / has C. has / is having D. is having / has
Vinh __________ his homework at the moment.
Do B. does C. are doing D. is doing
A trip to the Himalayas is an __________ experience.
Unforgettable B. memorable C. forgettable D. A & B
The islands are __________ things around us.
Looked at B. named after C. looked up D. names for
Can you __________ your name? – Sure, M – A – I, Mai.
Repeat B. spell C. say D. all are correct
I finished packing for our picnics. All my things are in my __________
Walking boots B. sleeping bag C. backpack D. pencil case
My head hurts. I need to take a __________
A. Backpack B. painkiller C. aspirin D. torch
It’s very important so you __________ late.
Mustn’t be B. must be C. can be D. all are correct
__________ is the wettest place in Vietnam? – I think Dalat is the wettest place in Vietnam.
What B. Where C. When D. How
Sahara is the __________ in the world.
Highest mountain B. highest waterfall C. largest lake D. hottest desert
What’s __________ about it?
Special B. famous C. necessary D. all are correct
Supply the sentences with must or mustn’t
We __________ arrive on time.
We __________ pick flowers in the school
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