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1. Read the reading below carefully, and then complete it:
Public Education in the United States, programs of instruction (1) ____ to children, adolescents, and adults in the United States through schools and colleges (2) ____ by state and local governments. (3) ____ the nationally regulated and financed education (4) ____ of many other industrialized societies, American public education is (5) ___ the responsibility of the states and individual school districts.
The national system of formal (6) ____ in the United States developed in the 19th century. It differed (7) ____ education systems of other Western societies in three fundamental respects. (8) ___, Americans were more inclined to regard education (9) ____ a solution to various social problems. Second, (10) _____ they had this confidence in the power of education, Americans (11) ____ more years of schooling for a larger percentage of the population than (12) ____ countries. Third, educational institutions were primarily governed by local (13) ____ rather than by federal ones.
The (14) ____ notable characteristic of the American education system is the (15) ____ number of people it serves. In 2002, 86 percent of Americans (16) ___ age 25 and 29 had graduated (17) ____ high school, 58 percent had (18) ___ at least some college, and 29 percent had earned at (19) ____ a bachelor’s degree. Expanding access to college education is an important priority (20) ____ the U.S. government.
New vocabulary:
- to regulate (v.): điều chỉnh, sửa lại cho đúng; điều hòa
- inclined (adj.): có ý sẵn sàng, có ý thích, có ý thiên về, có khuynh hướng
- institution (n.): cơ quan, trụ sở cơ quan; thể chế; sự thành lập
- notable (adj.): có tiếng, trứ danh; đáng kể, đáng chú ý
- priority (n.): quyền được trước, sự ưu tiên
1/ A. offered B. sorted C. sent D. gave
2/ A. bought B. built C. constructed D. operated
3/ A. Dislike B. Unlike C. Contrary D. Opposite
4/ A. networks B. schools C. systems D. webs
5/ A. primarily B. only C. shortly D. totally
6/ A. schools B. universities C. education D. learning
7/ A. in B. on C. by D. from
8/ A. One B. First C. Soon D. Early
9/ A. like B. as C. for D. to
10/ A. while B. although C. because D. where
11/ A. provided B. brought C. offered D. gave
12/ A. together B. one another C. another D. other
13/ A. police B. authorities C. people D. peoples
14/ A. first B. well C. most D. best
15/ A. large B. big C. huge D. titanic
16/ A. of B. in C. between D. among
17/ A. in B. on C. by D. from
18/ A. done B. completed C. made D. created
19/ A. last B. least C. the end D. top
20/ A. to B. of C. for D. by

2. Fill the gap in each sentence with the correct form of the provided word:
1/ You can`t work (continue) ____________ for six hours without a break!
2/ Have you got anything (break) ____________ in your bag?
3/ What do you call a young person who is about to leave or has just left secondary school? – A (school) ____________.
4/ (Immediate) ____________ she`d gone, the boys started to mess about.
5/ The company had to make (repair) ____________ to those who suffered ill health as a result of chemical pollution.
6/ She was a (study) ____________ child, happiest when reading.
7/ There were lots of kids in my (neighbor) ____________ when I was growing up.
8/ We haven`t been able to find a (purchase) ____________ for our house yet.
9/ The photographs will be on (exhibit) ____________ until the end of the month.
10/ Thank you for a most (enjoy) ____________ evening.
11/ There`s not much in the
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