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I. Complete the sentences using “should / shouldn’t, ought / oughtn’t” or “must / mustn’t, have to / has to” or “don’t / doesn’t have to”.
1. Your grandparents live far from us, so you SHOULD talk to them on the phone regularly.
2. I can watch TV and play computer games on Sunday because I HAVE TO go to school that day.
3. You are going to a concert, so you OUGHTN`T to wear your old jeans.
4. I MUSTN`T stay overnight at my friend’s house. My parents are very strict about this.
5. You SHOULDN`T stare at the computer screen for too long. It is really bad for your eyesight.
6. I HAVE TO go home now to finish my homework.
7. You OUGHT to talk to your grandparents more often so that you can understand them better.
8. My grandparents live in the suburbs, so whenever we visit them, we HAVE TO take a bus.
9. You SHOULD become more responsible by sharing the housework with other people in our family.
10. She HAS TO stay at home to look after her children because there is no one to help her.

The generation gap refers to the difference in attitudes or behaviour between a younger generation and the older one. In my opinion, different attitudes towards life, different views about certain problems, and a lack of communication can cause a generation gap in most societies.
The first factor is that parents and children generally see things from different perspectives. Choosing a career is a good example for this. Many parents try to impose certain careers they favor on their children, based on their own perceptions. However, young people don’t always understand their parents’ points of views. Instead, they prefer to be free to make their own decisions on their future career. Another factor lies in differences in musical tastes, fashion, and political views between young people and their parents. For example, having a pierced nose might be viewed as fashionable by some teens, but for many parents, it is considered to be an act of rebellion against social norms. Some parents may also find their children’s behaviour unacceptable and disrespectful to traditional values.
The major factor causing the generation gap is lack of communication between parents and their children. Parents tend to be dominant and not to trust their children to deal with crises. Also, they keep talking too much about certain problems. That is the reason why young people seldom reveal their feelings to their parents. When facing problems, young people prefer to seek help from their classmates or friends.
The above mentioned factors could lead to a generation gap. In order to bridge the gap between the old generation and the younger one, mutual understanding is the vital key. The wisest solution would be for parents and their children to treat each other as friends.

1. How many causes of the generation gap are mentioned?
A. 2 B. 3 C. 4
2. How do young people usually react when their parents impose career choices on them?
A. They want to make their own decisions.
B. They follow their parents’ advice.
C. They try to understand their parents’ goodwill.
3. What do parents often think about nose piercing?
A. They think that it is acceptable.
B. They think that it is fashionable.
C. They think that it is against social norms.
4. What do young people often do when they face problems?
A. They share the problems with their parents.
B. They ask their classmates or friends for help.
C. They ask their parents for help.
5. What would be the best way to narrow the generation gap?
A. Parents and children should try to be friends and understand each other.
B. Parents should be tolerant and let children do what they want.
C. Children should follow their parents` advice.
6. What is best title for the passage?
A. Generation Gap Consequences
B. How to Solve Generation Gap Conflicts
C. Causes of Generation Gap

III. Complete the sentences without changing their meanings.
1. My parents never let me forget to do my homework.
My parents always remind to do my homework.
2. They think that it is a good idea for me to do voluntary work.
They think that I should do voluntary work.
3. They always refuse to allow me to stay overnight at my friend’s.
They never let me stay overnight at my friend’s.
4. They insist that I should come home at 9 o’ clock every night.
They make me come home at 9 o’ clock every night.
5. My mother expects me to work as a teacher like her.
It is my mother’s wish that I should work as a teacher like her.
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