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Exercise 1: Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the sentence printed before it.
1. The furniture was too old to keep. → It was ______________________.
2. He can`t afford to buy the car. → The car ____________________.
3. The play is so popular that the theatre is likely to be full every night. → It is _______________________.
3. Alice lost all her hope; she decided to stop her business. → Alicewas __________________.
4. He is very strong. He can lift the box. → He is _______________________.
5. He ate a lot of food. He became ill. → He ate ______________________.
6. He bought lots of books. He didn`t know where to put them. → He bought _________________.
7. He is a very lazy boy. No one likes him. → He is such _________________.
8. The coffee is too hot. I can`t drink it. → The coffee is too __________.
9. Her voice is very soft. Everyone likes her. → Her voice is so ____________.
10.He is so weak. He can’t run. → He is too ___________________.
11. The tea was very hot. He couldn’t drink it. → The tea was so ____________.
12. The weather is so bad that we can’t go out. → The weather is too _______.
13. The film was so boring that we couldn’t go on seeing it. → It was such ________________.
14. He was so old that he couldn’t run fast. → He was such ______________.
15. He spoke so fast that we couldn’t understand him. → So fast _____________________.
16. The fair was so noisy that we couldn’t hear each other. → The fair was too __________.
17. You speak so fast that I can’t catch up with your words. → You are such ______________.
18. It is so early that we can’t go out. → It is too ____________________.
19. The water is too hot for me to drink. → The water is so ____________.
20. The restaurant is expensive so we can’t eat in that restaurant. → The restaurant is so ______.

Exercise 2: Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the sentence printed before it.
1. He studied badly and he couldn’t pass the exam. → He studied so ______________.
2. He isn’t very intelligent. He can do it. → He isn’t ____________________.
3. He has a lot of money. He can buy a car. → He has so __________________.
4. The room is so untidy that it took us one hour to clean it. → It is ________________________.
5. The man is so fool that no one took any notice of him. → He is________________________.
6. The film is so long that they can’t broadcast it on one night. → It is ________________________.
7. The books are so interesting that we have read them many times. → They are___________________.
8. The news was so bad that she burst into tears on hearing it. → It was______________________.
9. The food was so hot that it burned my tongue. → It was______________________.
10. There is so much rain that we can’t go out. → It___________________________.
11. The boy is so fat that every calls him Stuffy. → He is_______________________.
12. The milk is so excellent that all the children want some more. → It is_________________________.
13. The weather was so warm that they had a walk in the garden. → It was______________________.
14. There were so many people in the hall that we couldn`t see him. → So many people___________.
15. The match was so exciting that all the fans shouted loudly. → It was______________________.
16. They drank so much coffee that they couldn`t sleep all night. → So much____________________.
17. Alice had so many exercises to do that she couldn`t go out. → Alice had such_____________.
18. The woman was so poor that she needed everyone`s help. → She was____________________.
19. The boy is too young to walk to school alone. → He was so young__________.
20. The car was very rusty and they could travel far in that car. → The car was too___________.

Exercise 3. Choose one word or phrase marked A, B, C, or
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