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Exercise 1. Combine each of the two provided sentences using “so that”/ “in order that”/ “so as to”/ “in order to” where appropriate.
1. The boys stood on the desks. They wanted to get a better view. 2. We learn English. We want to have better communication with other people. 3. We lower the volume. We don`t want to bother our neighbors. 4. I will write to you. I want you to know my decision soon. 5. These girls were talking whispers. They didn`t want anyone to hear their conversation. 6. The little girl feigned to be sick. She hoped we didn`t make her work. 7. I spoke loudly. I wanted everybody could hear me clearly. 8. Mary often goes home as soon as the class is over. She doesn`t want her mother to wait for her. 9. Tom gets up early. He doesn`t want to be late for school. 10. Peter hid the sweets under his pillow. He didn`t want his mother to see them.
11. Mary prepares her lesson carefully. She wants to get high marks in class. 12. The thief changed his address all the time. He didn`t want to be found by the police. 13. They did their job well. They hoped to get a higher salary. 14. You should walk slowly. You can be followed by your sister. 15. I am studying hard. I want to keep pace with my classmates. 16. They are climbing higher. They want to get a better view. 17. He worked late last night. He wanted to be free to go away tomorrow. 18. Put the milk in the fridge. We want to make sure it won`t spoil. 19. I cashed a check yesterday. I wanted to make sure that I had enough money to go to market. 20. Mike pretended to be sick. He wanted to stay at home.
Exercise 2. Choose one word or phrase marked A, B, C, or D that best complete the preceding sentence.
1. Hockey players wear lots of protective clothing__________ they don’t get hurt.
A. because of B. after C. in order that D. though
2. She took a computer course__________ she could get a better job.
A. so that B. as if C. if D. though
3. He ran __________ fast__________ I couldn’t catch him.
A. such/that B. very/that C. too/to D. so/that
4. She is learning English because she wants to get a better job.
A. She is learning English so that she gets a better job.
B. She is learning English so as she gets a better job.
C. She is learning English in order she can get a better job.
D. She is learning English so that she will be able to get a better job.
5. He got a new alarm clock__________ he`d get up on time.
A. although B. so that C. since D. so
6. A small fish needs camouflage to hide itself__________ its enemies cannot find it.
A. so that B. so C. therefore D. due to
7. The gate was shut__________ the cows won`t get out of the cage.
A. so as to B. in order to C. so as not D. so that
8. The car was easy to recognize, _______ it wasn’t difficult for the police to catch the thieves.
A. because B. that C. so D. but
9. He works hard__________ help his family.
A. so as that B. in order to C. in order that D. A and B are correct
10. We moved to the front row__________ we could hear and see better.
A. so B. so that C. such D. such that
11. It was too dark to go on, __________ we found somewhere to stay.
A. so B. but C. however D. because
12. Her mother was sick. __________, Jane had to stay at home to look after her.
A. but B. However C. so D. Therefore
13. You should keep the milk in the refrigerator, __________ it doesn`t go bad.
A. since B. so that C. because D. after 14. He spoke slowly __________ she would understand.
A. while B. after C
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