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* Cấu trúc: have/has + V-ed/PII
(+) I/ You/ We/ They/ Ssố nhiều + have + V(ed/cột 3) + O
She/ He/ It/ Ssố ít + has + V(ed/cột 3) + O

(-) I/ You/ We/ They/ Ssố nhiều + have not + V(ed/cột 3) + O
She/ He/ It/ Ssố ít + has not + V(ed/cột 3) + O

(?) (Wh) have + I/ you/ we/ they/Ssố nhiều + V(ed/cột 3) + O?
(Wh) has + she/ he/ it/ Ssố ít + has + V(ed/cột 3) + O?
* Dấu hiệu nhận biết: ever, never, already, yet, just, before, so far, since, for, several times, once…
Bài tập thực hành:
I. Underline the correct words in italics.
1. Sarah has / have never tasted Japanese food.
2. I haven’t live / lived in the city before now.
3. Have your parents ever visited Spain? Yes, they do / have.
4. Have / Has Mary ever stayed in any hotels? Yes, several times.
5. Has Sam ever played golf? No, he hasn’t / doesn’t.
II. Complete the sentences. Use for or since.
1. We haven’t watched TV ___________ Monday.
2. The boy hasn’t eaten anything ___________ six hours.
3. I’ve known Pam ___________ primary school.
4. What have you done ___________ you finished school?
5. We have studied Chinese ___________ three years.
III. Choose just, yet or already.
1. He is here now. He has just/ already/ yet arrived.
2. Has Paul started his new job just/ already/ yet?
3. Their plane has not landed just/ already/ yet.
4. Ned has just/ already/ yetfed his pets.
5. Her hair’s wet. She’s just/ already/ yetwashed it.
6. They have just/already/yet visited a lot of countries.
IV. Fill in each blank with just, already or yet. 1. Have you played your new computer game ____________ _? 2. I’ve ____________ _ had my exam results. 3. My father has ____________ _ returned from his trip to Australia. 4. I haven’t had lunch ____________ _. 5. I have ____________ _ had three tests this week.
V. Choose been or gone.
1. ‘Where is Pamela?’ - ‘She’s been/gone home.
2. ‘Do you like Berlin?’ ‘Yes. I’ve been/gone there twice and I love it.’
3. Jane’s been/gone to the dentist and now she’s going shopping.
4. Nick and Ann aren’t here. They’ve been/gone to the cinema.
5. Alan’s been/gone at the gym. He feels exhausted.
VI. Chia động từ trong ngoặc ở thì Hiện tại hoàn thành
1. I (visit) _____________________ our form teacher in the hospital already.
2. John (read) _____________________ the letter from Mary already.
3. We (not begin) _____________________ to learn for the test yet.
4. Nancy (be) _____________________ to Vietnam several times.
5. They (not start) _____________________ the project yet.
6. The Greens (be) _____________________ to many countries in the world sofar.
7. We (go) _____________________ to that village to do volunteer workseveral times.
8. Our teacher (explain) _____________________ to us how to use the printeralready.
9. My pen isn’t here any more. Someone (take) _____________________ italready.
10. Mai (not finish) _____________________ her homework yet. 11. They (not see) _____________________ the film Titanic yet.
12. I (not see) _____________________ your brother yet.
VII. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct verb tense: the Present Perfect or Past Simple.
1. Tom (call)__________________ his boss yesterday.
2. I (meet)__________________ Robert at the supermarket this morning.
3. We (fly)_____________ to Ha Noi several times, but last summer we (go)______ there by train.
4. When (your father/ give up)___________________________ smoking?
5. My uncle (move)__________________ to Da Lat in 2005.
6. I (be)__________________ to Sa Pa twice since 2000.
7. We (spend)__________________ our summer vacation in Ha Long Bay last July.
8. I (watch)__________________ the film Titanic already.
9. The postman (deliver)__________________ the letter half an hour ago.
10. I (hear)__________________
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