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Người gửi: Vũ Tuấn Anh
Ngày gửi: 08h:11' 12-09-2018
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Số lượt tải: 46
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Cấp so sánh
Bài 1.The town was nearer _____ we thought it would be.
Bài 2.The economic conditions today are _______ they were in the past.
A.much more good
B.much better than
C.much better
D.the best than
Bài 3.Peter is ______ student in my class.
A.taller than
B.so tall as
C.the tallest
Bài 4.The deep oceans contain some of the ______ of all living creatures.
C.as strange as
Bài 5.Jane is not _____ her brother.
A.more intelligent as
B.intelligent as
C.so intelligent as
D.so intelligent that
Bài 6.He drives as ______ his father does.
A.careful as
B.more carefully
C.the most careful
D.carefully as
Bài 7.What’s the ______ film you’ve ever seen?
D.the best
Bài 8.I’ll be there _______ I can.
A.sooner as
B.no sooner as
C.as soon as
D.soonest as
Bài 9.I would rather do any job ______ be jobless.
A.beeter than
B.more than
D.so than
Bài 10.It is not so hot today as it ______ yesterday.
C.will be
D.has been
Bài 11.Mr. Lam cannot earn _______ his wife.
A.as many money as
B.as much money as
C.as many money than
D.as much money than
Bài 12.The salary of a bus driver is much higher _______ a teacher.
A.as that of
B.than that of
D.to compare with
Bài 13.Lili cannot swim as fast as ______ can.
Bài 14.My car is _______ yours.
A.more fast and economical than
B.more fast and more economical than
C.faster and economical as
D.faster and more economical than
Bài 15.Sharon ______ from other women I know.
B.as different
D.more different
Bài 16.This one is prettier, but it costs _____ as the other one.
A.as much as
B.twice as much
C.as many
D.twice as many
Bài 17.The ______ accident in the history of the city occurred last night on the Freeway.
B.most bad
Bài 18.He finished the test _______ of all.
B.the most rapidly
C.most rapidly
D.more rapidly
Bài 19.Many chemicals react ______ in acid solutions.
A.more quick
B.more quickly
D.as quickly more
Bài 20.It’s becoming ______ to find a job.
A.more difficult and more
B.more and more difficult
C.most and more difficult
D.more difficult than
Bài 21.______ electricity you use, _______ your bill will be.
A.more / higher
B.the most / the higher
C.the more / the high
D.the more / the higher
Bài 22.______ the man gets, ______ he becomes.
A.the more old / the more weak
B.the older / the weaker
C.the older / the weakest
D.older / weaker
Bài 23._______ a car is, ______ it is.
A.the expensive / the comfortabler
B.the most expensive /the most comfortable
C.the more expensive / the more comfortable
D.the less expensive / the more comfortable
Bài 24.His house is _____ mine.
A.larger and more comfortable than
B.the most large and comfortable than
C.more large and comfortable than
D.the largest and more comfortable than
Bài 25.The CDs here are more expensive ______ over there.
B.than those
C.than that
D.than this
Bài 26.The younger you are, _______ it is to learn.
B.you are easier
C.the easier
D.the easy
Bài 27.His job is ______ as mine.
A.not so difficult
B.not that difficult
C.nor so difficult
D.not more difficult
Bài 28.______we finish the project, _______ we can start the next one.
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