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PRACTISE 8 Ex 1 : The near future 1. My father/go on/ diet.
He/ not/ drink so much beer.
What/ you/ do/ tonight?
Lan/ tidy/ her bed room.
she/ copy/ the chapter.
he/ have a dinner / you.
I/ defend/ my point of view.
they/ discuss/ the problem.
he/ reach/ his goal.
the robber/ rob/ another bank.
we/ explore/ a new territory.
they/ ask / the girl. 14. We /invite/some people/birthday party . Ex 2: 1.Where / we / eat tonight.
2.What / he / do tomorrow.
3.What / I / eat for lunch.
4.Who / carry the shopping for me.
5.What time / you / phone me.
6.When / you / give me a present.
How much longer / it / take.
Where / Paul / sleep.
Why / people / go there.
How much wine / they / drink. Ex 3: 1. I (have)___________ a good time tonight.
A. is going to have
B. are going to have
C. am going to have
2. Janet (help)___________ me.
A. is going to help
B. are going to help
C. am going to help
3. (he/ drive)__________ the car?
A. is he going to drive
B. am he going to drive
C. are he going to drive
4. We (stay)__________ at home tonight.
A. are going to stay
B. am going to stay
C. is going to stay
5. (you/ play)__________ tennis with Jenny?
A. am you going to play
B. is you going to play
C. are you going to play
6. We (watch)________ a film tonight.
A. am going to watch
B. is going to watch
C. are going to watch
7. (you/ look)_____________ for a job?
A. are you going to look
B. is you going to look
C. am you going to look
8. (he/ eat out)__________ tonight?
A. is he going to eat out
B. am he going to eat out
C. are he going to eat out
9. She (buy)_____________ a lot of things for the party.
A. is going to buy
B. are going to buy
C. am going to buy
10. They (not/ walk)__________ to the railway station.
A. are not going to walk
B. am not going to walk
C. is not going to walk
Ex 4 : 1."I am not going to play soccer this afternoon."
"What ______ you_____________ (do)?" 2.Look at those clouds. It __________________________ (rain)
3.I feel terrible. I think I ______________________(be) sick.
4."Tom had an accident last night." "Oh! I see I_____________ (visit) him" 5.I think Li Li ________________ (like) the present we bought for her. 6.We ___________________ visit our grand parents this evening. 7."Nam phoned you while you were out." "OK. I ________________(call) him back." 8.I am tidy the room. I _________________________ (hold) my birthday tonight. 9.I ____________________ (see) the movie Dream City this evening.
10."Don`t play soccer here again." "I`m sorry. I _______________ (do) that again.
Ex 5 : Are the underlined verbs right or wrong? Correct them where necessary.
1. Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius. Ok
2. The water boils. Can you turn it off? is boiling
3. Look! That man tries to open the door of your car. .....
4. Can you hear those people? What do they talk about? .....
5. The moon goesround the earth in about 27 days. .....
6. I must go now. It getsdark . .....
7. I usually go to work by car. .....
8. "Hurry up! It`s time to leave." "OK, I come" .....
9. I hear you`ve got a new job. How do you get on? .....
10. Paul is never late. He`s always getting to work on time .....

Ex 6 :A/ Read and fill in the gaps to complete the following passage, using the given words in the box. Notice that two words in the box you needn’t to use.
same different thanks watch until exercises
Today, there is a

he not drink so much beer

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