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Người gửi: Thu Lady
Ngày gửi: 10h:38' 09-07-2014
Dung lượng: 28.5 KB
Số lượt tải: 4040
Số lượt thích: 0 người
I. Chuyển những câu sau sang bị động : (dạng cơ bản)
Somebody has taken my briefcase.

She had finished her report soon.

The mad dog bit the little boy.

The police have arrested five suspects.

The doctor ordered him to take a long rest.

Lightning struck the house.

A group of students have met their friend at the railway station.

They didn’t allow Tom to take these books home.

The teacher won’t correct exercise tomorrow.

Marry has operated Tom since 10 o’clock.

This is the second time they have written to us about this.

Mr. Smith has taught us French for two years.

They didn’t look after the children properly.

15.Nobody swept this strreet last week.

II. CHUYỂN CÁC CÂU SAU SANG BỊ ĐỘNG (Dạng đặc biệt với câu hỏi) :
1. When will you do the work?
2. How many days did she spend fininshing the work?
3. How do you spend this amount of money?
4. What books are people reading this year?
5. How did the police find the lost man?
6. Who looked after the children for you?
7. How long have they waited for the doctor?
8. What time can the boys hand in their papers?
9. Why didn’t they help him?
10. Who are they keeping in the kitchen?

III. CHUYỂN CÁC CÂU SAU SANG BỊ ĐỘNG (Dạng động từ chỉ giác quan) :
1. I have heard her sing this song several times.
2. People saw him steal your car.
3. The teacher is watching them work.
4. He won’t let you do that silly thing again.
5. People don’t make the children work hard.
6. They made him work all day.
7. The detective saw the woman putting the jewelry in her bag.
8. The terrorists made the hostages lie down.
9. Police advise drivers to use an alternative route.
10. She helps me do all these dificult exercises.
IV. CHUYỂN CÁC CÂU SAU SANG BỊ ĐỘNG (Dạng câu mệnh lệnh)
1. Open your book!
2. Take off your hat!
3. Don’t do that silly thing again!
4. Let’s tell them about it!
5. Don’t let the other see you!
V. CHUYỂN CÁC CÂU SAU SANG BỊ ĐỘNG (Dạng động từ tường thuật)
1. People say that he works 16 hours aday.
2. It is believed that the boy is wearing a white T- shirt and blue jeans.
3. People thought Mike had paid too much.
4. Everyone knows the portrait was painted by Picasso.
5. It is predicted that the company will lose money this year.
6. It is said that she has lived there for ten years.
7. The police think the criminal is in hiding in the London area.
8. It is reported that the building has been badly damaged by fire.
9. It is said that there is a secret tunnel between them.
10. They believe that the thieves git in through the kitchen window.
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