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Người gửi: Trịnh Ngọc Cường
Ngày gửi: 18h:43' 09-09-2020
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Số lượt tải: 840
Số lượt thích: 0 người
UNIT 1: FAMILY LIFE BUỔI 8(9/9/2020)

Choose the best answer to complete each sentence:
1. My mother is____________dinner in the kitchen.
A. preparing B. providing C. promoting D. practising
2. It is equal to share the household_____________in a family. Husbands should help wives with housework.
A. homework B. chores C. appliances D. meals
3. My sister washed the dirty clothes. It means she does the___________.
A. rubbish B. washing-up C. laundry D. heavy lifting
4. My brother cleans plates, pans, knives, porks…after meals. It means he does the______________.
A. rubbish B. washing-up C. laundry D. heavy lifting
5. I am responsible for earning money in my family. I am a____________.
A. homemaker B. housewife C. breadwinner D. financial burden
6. My wife handles most of the chores around house. She is a_____________.
A. homemaker B. employer C. breadwinner D. assistant
7. I am responsible for taking_________the rubbish.
A. up B. in C. to D. out
8. What are the_________of equally shared parenting? – It improves relationship between husband and wife.
A. disadvantages B. benefits C. drawbacks D. weaknesses
9. He earns money. He is responsible for household____________.
A. finances B. chores C. duties D. jobs
1. She_______________(visit) England twice.
2. He________________(drink) coffee six times a week.
3. It is 3 pm. What___________they___________(doing)? – They______________(read) the newspaper.
4. She______________________(not stay) at home often when she was twenty years old.
5. ___________he____________(ever be) to England? No. This is the first time he__________(visit).
6. He______________(teach) Maths since he left university.
7. The soldiers_______________(parade) on the street for 3 hours.
8. I___________________(not finish) my exercises yet.
9. They_____________(know) each other since they______________(be) at the university.
10. He___________________(not usually play) any sports. But he sometimes__________(go) skiing in the winter.
11. ___________________(you/ ever meet) him before?
12. I____________________(not contact) him recently. We______________(not talk) for a long time.
Mistake correction:
My mother hasn’t prepared the dinner already. She is doing the laundry at the moment. ____________
We splits the chores equally. My mother cooks and my father cleans the house. ____________
He never does any household chores. His wife is responsible of all household duties. ____________
My sister doing the washing-up at the moment. She is very hard-working. ____________
What time did you went home yesterday evening? – About 8 o’clock. ____________
They will leave two days ago. I don’t know where they are now. ____________

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