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bài tập Unit 11,12 lop 8 ( hay )

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Second Semester Unit 11, 12 khoi 8
IV. Choose the word (a, b, c, or d) that best fits each of the blank spaces.
I can’t (21) ____ it, we’re really here! The flight to Quito (the capital) (22) ____ twenty-three hours. (23) ____ we arrived, we were taken on a tour of Quito, (24) _____ as a ‘hot dog’ by our guide because of its shape. After (25) ____ the city from high up, we went down town (26)_____ the richly-decorated churches.
21. a. think b. believe c. know d. all are correct
22. a. took b. had c. got d. received
23. a. As soon as b. As long as c. As far as d. As near as
24. a. describe b. describes c. describing d. described
25. a. view b. viewed c. viewing d. views
26. a. see b. seeing c. to see d. to seeing
V. Read the following passage and choose the item (a, b, c, or d) that best answers each of the questions about it.
My husband and I had a problem about our holiday last year. I wanted to have a lazy seaside holiday because I was tired and needed to relax. I loved lying in the sun, drinking iced beer and reading a good book. But Robert liked busy, cultural holidays. He liked ‘visiting museum’s and art galleries. He hated sunbathing because he always went red, not brown. The travel agent tried to help us and suggested Greece. I said I love to sail to a quiet island, but of course Robert said he’d like to stay in Athens. It was easy to decide what to do _ we flew to Athens together, Robert stayed there and I traveled to the island of Kos!
27. What is the passage written about?
a. a trip to Greece b. a lazy seaside holiday
c. a busy cultural holiday d. a problem about the holiday
28. The author _____ .
a. liked sunbathing b. was tired and needed to relax
c. liked a busy cultural holiday d. a & b are correct
29. What does the word ‘island’ in line 7 mean?
a. a piece of land with water all around it
b. a place in a desert that has trees and water
c. a high piece of land that is not as high as a mountain
d. a big area of salty water
30. Robert wanted ______ .
a. to stay in Athens b. sunbathing
c. drinking iced beer d. lazy seaside holidays
31. Kos is _____ .
a. a town in Athens b. a city in Greece
c. an island d. a place which has many island

II. Choose the word or phrase that best completes each unfinished sentence below or substitutes for the underlined word or phrase.
6. The vase ______ on the shelf is very beautiful.
a. stands b. standing c. is standing d. stood
7. Do you mind if I ______ your atlas for a minute?
a. borrow b. will borrow c. am going to borrow d. borrowed
8. Ann asked me not ____ anybody what happened.
a. tell b. telling c. to tell d. told
9. After ______ breakfast, I went out for a walk.
a. finish b. having fmished c. finished d. had finished
10. ______ is a type of white or gray stone containing calcium, used for
building and making cement.
a. Slope b. Limestone c. Site d. Sand
11. China has huge _____ and onshore oil reserves.
a. seaside b. remote c. outside d. offshore
12. Do you mind _____ here for just a minute?
a. to wait b. waiting c. about waiting d. waited
13. It was late, so we decided _____ a taxi home.
a. take b. to take c. taking d. took
14. The council should be able to help families who have no accommodation.
a. a place to live b. a place to watch sport matches
c. a place to buy meal and eat it d. a place to work
15. He picked the phone — as soon as it rang.
a. on b.up
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