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Người gửi: Nguyễn Hữu Nhựt
Ngày gửi: 20h:30' 13-08-2016
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Số lượt tải: 2266
Số lượt thích: 1 người (Hoa Mơ)

*Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.
a. game b. table c. late d. water
a. tennis b. soccer c. tent d. never
a. like b. listen c. time d. five
a. fly b. hungry c. usually d. early
a. stove b. go c. movies d. home
a. jog b. soccer c. sport d. movie
a. overnight b. do c. aerobics d. moment
a. picnic b. sometimes c. twice d. like
a. dozen b. often c. some d. color
a. boots b. foot c. zoo d. floor
a. boots b. toothpaste c. food d. flood
a. twice b. swim c. skip d. picnic
a. usually b. fly c. thirsty d. hungry
a. wear b. year c. hear d. near
a. bottle b. job c. movie d. chocolate
a. hand b. fat c. orange d. black
a. chest b. leg c. red d. lifter
a. finger b. light c. thin d. big
a. nose b. color c. mother d. Monday
a. round b. house c. shoulder d. mouth
a. carrot b. matter c. cabbage d. apple
a. tired b. drink c. like d. rice
a. soda b. potato c. cold d. lemonade
a. by b. hungry c. healthy d. thirsty
a. meat b. bread c. bean d. pea
a. where b. when c. why d. who
a. this b. those c. thing d. that
a. tired b. nine c. slim d. five
a. read b. meat c. head d. eat
a. thin b. teeth c. mother d. math

*Put the adverbs of frequency in the suitable positions.
1.I am busy on weekends. ( always) 2.Do you read a newspaper in the morning? ( often)
3.Lan listen to music in her free time. ( usually). 4.Where does she have breakfast? ( sometimes)
5.Minh goes fishing. ( never) 6.Ba and Lan go to the zoo on Sundays. ( usually)
7.She has some orange juice after lunch. ( sometimes) 8.Nam goes to the park . (never)
9.She is late for class. ( often) 10.I don’t read book in the evening. ( always)
11.I go to the movie theater. (often) 12.She is a good student. (always)
13.He drinks coffee after breakfast. ( usually) 14.My mother goes swimming. ( never)
15.They are busy on Sundays. ( sometimes)
*Complete the sentences using given words.
1.How/ he/ feel? . 2.Mai/ feel/ hot/ thirsty.
3.What color/ his eyes? 4.He/ usually/ have/ picnic/ the park.
5.She/ often/ go/ movies/ free time. 6.My children/ watch/ TV/ four/ time/ week.
7. I’d like/ bowl/ noodles/ please. 8.How many/ kilo/ rice/ she/ need?
9.Mai/ do/ aerobics/ free time? 10.They/ go fishing/ free time.
11.Which / sport/ Tan/ play? 12.What/ Lan/ Mai/ do/ free time?
*Rearrange the words to make sentences:
1. a/ of/ likes/ orange/ juice/ Mai/ glass. 2. at/ 7 o’clock/ Ba/ has/ breakfast/ morning/ every.
3. Mary/ two/ and/ milk/ glasses/ Tom/ of/ want 4. any/ bananas/ but/ some/ I/ have/ I/ don’t/ have/ oranges
5. usually/ on/ do/ Mondays/ you/ to/ go/ school? 6. Lan/ chicken/ or/ like/ does/ meat?
7. watches/ free/ Nam/ in/ TV/ his/ time. 8. does/ brother/ which/ play/ your/ sports
9. they/ movies
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