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Bài tập Unit 13 (hay )

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Người gửi: Trương Thị Thúy Hồng
Ngày gửi: 11h:17' 16-03-2011
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Exercises Lesson 21 tuan 2 ( March, 2011) Unit 13

Ex1 . Viet cac trang tu tuong ung voi cac tinh tu sau
Adjectives --------( Adverbs
Good ->
Bad ->
Slow ->
Quick ->
Skillful ->
Clear ->
Safe ->
Sudden ->
Careless ->
Recent ->
Possible ->
Simple ->
Happy ->
Free ->
Strict ->
Fluent ->
Marvellous ->
Fast ->
Smooth ->
Dangerous ->
Noisy ->
Careful ->
Early ->
Hard ->
Interesting ->
Straight ->

Ex2 Hoan tat cac cau sau voi tinh tu va trang tu
David backam is a good coccer player . He play soccer very ----------------
My father is a safe driver. He drives -----------------------------------
Hoa speaks English fluently .She is a ------------English speaker
Lan’s sister is amarvellous dancer .She dances -----------------------------
Mrs Mary types quickly .She is a ------------------------typist
Mrs Jone cooks well . She is a --------------------
Iam a bad swimmer .I swim ------------------------------
These children are quick runners .They run ---------------------------------
Ex 4 Choose the best answer
She sings --------------
A. beautiful B. nice C. beautiful D. lovely
2. Everybody wished -------------- this activity
A. keep B. to keep C keeping D. to keeping
3. He volunteered ---------- us all in his car
A. take B. to take C. taking D to taking
4. we can learn more about the undersea world --------- this invention
A because B. for C. thanks to D. thanks for
5 The number of participants __________every week
A. increase B. increases C. is increase D. are increase
6. ______does your father like ? – he likes tennis
A. what’s sport B what sport C. what sports
7. Mr Robinson speaks Viet namese very ----------------
A. fluently B. skillfully C. good
8. This river is very ----------- for the swimmers
A. danger B. dangerously C. dangerous
Listen and fill the missing word in the blank
Title : Love Story Artist : Andy William Where do I (1)--------------------- To (2)---------------- the story of how great a love can be The sweet love story that is older than the sea The simple truth about the love she (3)----------------- to me Where do I ( 4)----------------------- With her first hello She (5)--------------------------new meaning to this empty world of mine There`d never be another love, another time She ( 6)------------------------ into my life and made the living fine She fills my heart She fills my heart with very special things With angels` songs , with wild imaginings She fills my soul with so much love That anywhere I ( 7)----------------- I`m never lonely With her around, who could be lonely I reach for her hand It`s always there How long does it last Can love be measured by the hours in a day I have no ( 8)---------------------- now but this much I can ( 9)-------------- I know I`ll ( 10)------------------------ her till the stars all burn away And she`ll be there How long does it last Can love be measured by the hours in a day I have no answers now but this much I can say I know I`ll need her till the stars all burn away And she`ll be there

9. Walking is a good sports -----------. It makes us -----------------
A. game - healthy B. activity - healthy C. activity - health
10 I ---------stay in bed because I have a bad cold
A must B can C shouldn’t
11, I like swimming .----------------
A. so do I B. yes I do C. I do , too
12. ------------------------------------------ - I ‘d love to
A. Do you like to go swimming ? Would you llike to go swimming ?
C. Shall we go swimming ?
Chon mot tu co cung nghia voi cau goc
13. Is base ball your faorite sport ?
A. Do you like base ball best ? B is base ball your first choice ?
B. Is baseball the most popular sport ? D. A & B
14. At my school , there are mant different sports activities
A. we play many different sports activities at my school
B my school has many different sport activities ?
C. We take places in manny different sports activities at my school
D. The aim of our school is to play many different sports activities
13. He is a good swimmer
A. He swims well B. He can swim very fast
C. He likes swimming C he usually swims
14. Walking is the most popular activity at my school
A. No activities is more popular than walking at my school
B walking is more popular than any other activities at my school
C. Other activities are more popular than walking at my school D A&B
15 It ‘ll take me a few minutes to
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