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I. Choose the best answer A,B,C or D to complete the sentences.
1. If you pay a visit to Hue, you should once visit Lang Co beach where you can have the most relaxing time and admire the natural beauty of ___________.
A. views B. panoramas C. sights D. landscapes
2. Travelling to Ba Mun Island in Quang Ninh, tourists can explore on their own, following some natural __________ on the island.
A. trails B. marks C. roads D. stretches
3.For people in Cam Thanh Commune near Hoi An, the coconut wetlands provide fisheries, a beautiful area for __________ as well as an ideal refuge for boats during heavy storms.
A. tourist B. tour C. tourism D. tour guide
4. In Binh Ba Island (Lobster Island), there are many beautiful beaches with white sand, clear water, blue sky, which is ________ for those who love nature and calmness.
A. available B. famous C. good D. suitable
5. __________ domestic and foreign tourism will create demand for additional hotels and motels..
A. Increase B. Increased C. Increasing D. Increasingly
6.Con Dao has not only prisons but also ________ natural landscapes.
A. surprising B. shocking C. stunning D. extreme
7. Nature-loving tourists, who love to go green like traveling to Bonita Gardens in Bloemfontein South Africa or simlar destinations are called ___________.
A. eco-tours B. tour guides C. eco-tourists D. nature-lovers
8. __________ is popular with tourist of young age because they travel with minimum luggage and on a limited budget.
A. Backpack B. Backpacking C. Backpacker D.Go backpacking
9. When visitors join in a _________ of the Mekong Delta, they can visit Cai Rang Floating Market to see the river life.
A. tour B. trip C. voyage D. travel
10. In Con Dao, there are green ___________ of forest s and fresh meadows and the houses with red roofs, which forms the picture of nature with bright colours.
A. lands B. regions C. wilderness D. stretches
11. When you _________ your destination, your tour guide will meet you at the airpot.
A. arrive B. reach C. get D. achieve
12. ___________ is an unusual, exciting or dangerous experience, journey or series of events.
A. adventure B. expedition C. journey D. trip
13.Cuba hopes to promote a __________ so that it can make an economic recovery.
A. tour industry B. resort industry C. tourism industry D. travelindustry
14.We went on a three-week ____________ round the Mediterranean. The ship stopped at Venice, Athens, Istanbul and Alexamdria
A. tour B. voyage C. cruise D. journey
15. Activities at the market are also a(n) ___________ for tourists to study the cultural aspects of southerners.
A. occasion B. event C. reason D. experience
16._______ train times are different on __________ Sundays.
A. A - the B. The - the C. ∅−∅ D. The - ∅
17. You can use __________ railcard in most of _______ countries in Europe.
A. the - the B. a - ∅ C. a - the D. the - ∅
18. Our plane arrives Ha Noi at ______ two o’çlock in ______ afternoon
A. ∅ - the B. the - the C. a - a D. the - an
19. He spent part of __________ afternoon telling them _________ news he could not tell them by _______ telephone.
A. the – the - ∅ B. an - ∅ - the C. an – the – the D. tthe - ∅ - the
20. Tourism can bring many economic and social benefits, but mass tourism is also _________ with negative effect.
A. associated B. connected C. combined D. linked
II. Complete the sentences with a/an, the, or zero article
1. There isn’t _______ airport near where I live. ________ airpot is 70 miles away.
2.David is _________ sailor. He spends most of his life at ________ sea.
3.“Paul, where is __________ Spanish dictionary? I’m writing ________ essay in Spanish and I need it.”
4. ______ life has changed a lot in the last 30 years.
5. I lay down on ________ ground and looked up at _____ sky.
6.In _______ article entitled “This is where you’ll go

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