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Ngày gửi: 23h:48' 08-08-2013
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Ex 1 :Choose the best answer:
It took the director 2 hours______ the new plan to us. ( explaining, to explain, explain, explained)
It`s easy ____ animals on the road in daylight but sometimes at night it is difficult _____ _____ them .
( to see/ to avoid/ to hit, to see/ avoid/ hitting, to see/ to avoid/ hitting, seeing/ to avoid/ hitting )
I caught him_____ over my wall. I asked him ____ but his refused _____ anything, so in the end I had ____ him ____ . ( climbing/ to explain/ to say/ to let/ to go, climbing/ to explain/ to say/ let/ go, climb/ explain/say /let/ go, climbing/ to explain/ to say/ to let/ go)
It is pleasant ____ by the fire at night and _____ the wind ______ outside. ( to sit/ to hear/ to howl ,to sit/ hear/ howling, to sit/ to hear / howling , both B & C are correct)
There was no way of ____ out of the building except by_____ down a rope and An was too terrefied _____ this. ( getting/ climbing/ to do, getting/ climbing/ doing, to get/to climb/ to do, get/ climb /do)
Ask him ____ in . Don`t keep him _____ at the door. ( to come/ to stand, to come/ standing, to come/ stood, come/ stand)
It`s no good _____ to him; he never answers letters. ( to write, writing, to writing, write)
I`m jobless now. I wish I _____ a job. ( have, had, will have, had had)
I spent half a year ______ this boat. ( to build, building, built, on building)
I can`t help _____ him inspite of his faults. ( admire, admired, to admire, admiring)
Are you ____ for your final examination. ( prepare, to prepare, prepared, already)
You had your house ______ last month, didn`t you ? ( repair, repaired, to repair, repairing)
After _____ that chapter carefully, they began their experiments. ( reading, read, having been read, have read)
He is looking forward to _____ his old friends. ( meet, have met, meeting, met)
I hope you don`t mind ______ to come and meet her. ( to be asked, you were asked, being asked, we asked you )
My sister is busy _____ a letter. ( is writing, to write, at writing, writing)
He couldn’t make anybody ______ that he was innocent. ( beieves, believed, believe, to believe)
There is someone _____ at the door.( knock, knocks, knocking, knocked)
_____ along street , he met a pretty girl. ( Walking, To walk, Worried, Having worry
They are considering ______ to Chicago. ( moving, to more, move, moved)
You’d better ______ up too late. ( not to stay, to not stay, not tay, not staying)
If it keeps on raining, the basketballgame ought____ ( to postpone, to be postponed, postponed, be postponed)
It is no use ______ to scchool if you aren’t ready _____ hard. ( going/ to work, to go / to work, going/ working, to go / working)
These shirts are too small for him ______ ( wear, to wear, wearing, worn)
He has been saving up for three years ______ a new house. ( buying, buy, to buy, for buying)
I’d rather you _____ anything about it for the time being .( do, don’t do, didn’t do, didn’t)
He isn’t tall enough ______ a policeman. ( to become, becoming, became, become)
The Sport Games ______ in India in 1951 were the first Asian Games. ( hold, holding, being held, held)
The man ______ the phone told me you were away. ( to answer, answering, answered, answer)
The scientists _____ the causes of cancer are making progress.( to research, researching, researched, reseachrch).
The customs officer made him ______ the briefcase. ( to open, open, opened, opening)
The cashier was made ____ all the money.( to hand, hand, handed, handing)
The childdren enjoy ______ to the zoo once a week. ( taking, being taken, taken, having taken)
Mr Thompson is always willing to help, but he doesn’t want ______ at home unless there is an emergency. ( to call, to be called, calling, being called)
I expected ______ to the party, but I wasn’t . ( to invite, to be invited, being invited, inviting)
Instead of _____ about the good news , Tom seems _______ indifferent. ( exciting/ to be, excited/ to be, excited/


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