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Nguồn: sưu tầm
Người gửi: Đặng Thị Hoài An (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 10h:13' 10-11-2017
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1. My Family

My family consists of 4 people. They are my parents, my sister and me. My father is an engineer working for a government office. My mother is a housewife. My sister is a primary school teacher, and I am a high school student.
We get up at 6 o`clock every morning. After breakfast, my father and my sister go to work, my mother does the housework and I go to school. We have lunch at noon and dinner at 7 p.m. In the evening after dinner, we sit together in the living-room talking or watching television for, about an hour. Then my sister and I go to our own rooms to prepare the lessons for the coming week.
My family is a very happy one. We love each other very much and expect to live together under the same roof forever.

2. My Mother

I am living with my parents. My mother is 45 years old. She is not very beautiful, but there is something attractive about her.
Her face is oval with big brown eyes and red lips, which are always smiling. She has long black hair, a slim build and a fair complexion. Her character is admirable. She is very sweet and kind to her husband and children. She never gets angry with anyone. As a simple person, she does not like wearing expensive clothes and jewels. She is very busy with the housework from early morning until late at night.
I love my mother very much. I miss her a lot when I am away from her for a long time. When I am free, I help my mother with the washing, cooking and errands. I always obey and respect my mother and try to study hard to please her.
I wish she would live with me forever.

3. The House Where I Am Living

My family consists of 4 people. They are my parents, my sister and me.
We are living in a large house in a suburb of Ho Chi Minh City. The house is made of bricks and covered with red tiles. It has 5 rooms including a living-room, 3 bedrooms and a kitchen. The living-room, which is rather large, is decorated with beautiful pictures on the walls. The bedrooms are nice; one is for my parents and the other two for my sister and me. The kitchen is tidy and well equipped with a gas cooker, a washing-machine and a refrigerator. Around the house is a large garden with many fruit-trees and flowers.
I like this house very much. It is the place where I was born and grew up. It has given me good memories since my childhood. I wish I would live in it forever.

4. My School

The school which I am attending is one of the oldest high schools in Ho Chi Minh City.
It is located in a quiet area not far from the city centre. It consists of four blocks of buildings, which are surrounded by a large yard of shady tall strees. In this academic year, there are 30 classes with more than 1,200 students in my school. They study hard and obey the school regulations seriously. Thanks to the teachers` devotion and the students` efforts, my school has achieved good results in every field. The Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of the school also organizes extracurricular activities such as camping, sport and music competitions and community work.
I have studied in this school for 3 years. I love my school very much because it has given me good memories of my time spent here.

5. My Hobbies

Almost everybody has some kind of hobby. My hobbies are listening to music and watching television.
I am very fond of music. When I am free, I often listen to my favourite songs from an old cassette recorder. At weekends, I usually go to music shops in the downtown areas to buy good CD`s. Of the famous pop singers, I prefer Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Madonna and Paul Mc Cartney.
I also spend an hour after dinner watching news and documentary programmes. I particularly enjoy the programme "The World Here And There" because it broadens my knowledge of nature and human civilizations.
I think that my hobbies are very useful. They widen my knowledge, relax my mind, and make me feel better about myself.

6. My Daily Activities

I am a high school student.
Every morning from Monday to Saturday, I get up at 6 o`clock. After breakfast, I go to school by bicycle. It takes me about 20 minutes to go from my house to my school. Usually, I study at school until 11:30 a.m. I return home at noon to have lunch with my family. In the afternoon I attend English and computer courses. I always get home just in time for dinner at 7:30
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